Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Paleo Bail
That's right.  I've completely bailed on the Paleo diet.  (*gasp*)  During the first week, I was incredibly low on energy and was hungry 24/7 even while eating every 2 hours.  My workouts suffered because I didn't have the energy to push them to the level/length they should be at and I even skipped a few in order to rest.  I stuck with it anyways and then had my one cheat day which fell on the same day my dad came to visit.  We hit up Panera Bread, Ruby Tuesday's and got hibachi at a local Japanese restaurant.  The next day, I had the best training session in two or three weeks.  I decided then to add back in some non-Paleo foods in order to keep up on calories, but even after two days of that, I felt my energy drop again. 

Therefore, in order to preserve what I've accomplished through training since January, I bailed on Paleo for the time being.  As much as I still believe it can work, I am going to need more time to test it during training in order to get it right. 

Brooks Running Superfans
If you have no idea what that means, you need to watch this video...

Runner's World posted that to Facebook and that's where I saw it.  And if you check it HERE on youtube, you'll find a bunch of other hilarious videos. 

Days Off
My gym is currently undergoing renovations, which means I get three days off (today through Saturday).  What am I doing with my days off you may ask?, I'm taking the opportunity to secretly test out classes with the trainers at our other locations.  I also jumped into doing a Crossfit workout tomorrow with some ladies from my own classes.  Since I can't do class with them Thursday, I promised if they go to the local Crossfit gym on Friday, I'll join 'em.  They agreed immediately.  So now I have to ride my bike 14 miles to get to a 7AM bootcamp, ride home, rest, and then ride 15 miles to Crossfit.  Oh the things I do to encourage fitness!  haha

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Katie Duffy said...

I just finished "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" by Joe Friel and (forgot first name?) Cordain. It sounds pretty reasonable and lets you eat things like gels and Gatorade - you should give it a shot. I haven't gone all-in myself yet, but it seems good in theory.

Anonymous said...

It really takes time to retrain your body on fuel. We eat way too many carbs and I mean the wrong kinds. In the end you don't want inflammation in your body and wheat is causes that. It's hard though to find that balance