Saturday, May 19, 2012

No more water cups at Rev3 run aid stations?!

This weekend is PACKED and I love it.  I'm only half way through, so before I go make some dinner, prep for tomorrow, and pass out, I'll quickly jot down some thoughts.  The Rev3 bit is below. 

The Weekend's Agenda:

(Coaching & H.E.A.T. picnic)
Up at 6:10am
6 mile run at 7:30am
20-25 mile ride at 10:30am
3+ mile run at 12:15pm
Picnic with the H.E.A.T. tri club
1.4 mile OWS (first of the season)

(Rev3 Quassy Preview Day)
Up at 5:30am
56 mile bike at 8:45am
Run portion of course
(most likely a 13.1 mile ride)

How I plan on surviving this schedule I'm not quite sure, but I'm super excited about it!!

Run vs. Jog?
During this morning's coaching run, one of my trainees brought up the question "What is the difference between running or jogging?"  Honestly, I know so many people that have different definitions that I can't say there is a specific answer.  All I know is that I have a hard time considering a 12:00/mile pace worthy of writing in my workout log as a workout.

I could fast walk faster than they were running this morning!  I ended up running between different groups "to see how everyone was doing" (aka, give myself a break at my own pace).  I made up for it later though (see below). 

Making up for pace
After the morning 6 miles, I got my bike and headed to the park.  We did a 25 mile ride and then hit up trails for a 3.1 mile run.  I kept with the group of three other guys for about a mile - something around 8:30 - and then my desire to go my own pace took over and I took off.  I made the full loop in 21:45, finishing the remaining run in a rough 6:20 pace.  Man did that feel good!!  My knees were bothering me this morning with the slow pace, but after my own speed run I was all better!  Take that people who say running is bad for your knees!!

GU Testing
I purchased a few different GU flavors to try out before Rev3 and after trying Mandarin Orange today, that one is not on the accepted list.  First, it has caffeine which I'm not a fan of taking.  Second, it has a weird after taste.  So far, I'm going with Peanut Butter and Lemon Sublime.  I still have a Mint Chocolate to try though as well.  I'm usually a fruit gel person, but I'll let you know how that goes. 

Rev3 Run Water
Ok, this is big!!  You know those cups that they hand you at the run aid stations?  From what I heard today at the picnic, Rev3 took an idea from Costa Rica and changed how they hand out water at running aid stations.  Check out the 82GO pack.

Online, I found HERE that Rev3 states 82GO will be available at the Knoxville event, but there's no mention of it on the Quassy homepage.  Maybe I'll find out tomorrow.  I think these things are awesome and I have a couple to test out.

I just heard back from Rev3 and 82GO will definitely be on course for Rev3 Quassy.


1.  What are your plans for the weekend?  How has it been so far?
Anything exciting?

2.  Do you have a "natural" pace range that you fit into?  Does it feel wrong to go above or below that?
My knees and shins don't like running slow.  Neither does my mind.  It can literally cause me to loose my temper if I don't stick to my pace range at times.  

3.  What are your thoughts on water cups?  
Good, bad, needed to be changed?  Do you think 82GO will go over well?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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gashsam said...

Hey Kurt,

Weekend? It's over now but was just about as packed as yours. 90km bike and run off etc.

My pace - dawdle of the Ironman Shuffle they call it.

Water - well I have used both so either/or but the satchels you can carry up opened for a time so you can get to them later.

Question for you though....GU or Dextro? Have you tried the Dextro range at all and how did you rate it?