Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paleo Energy Low (Day #4)

I'm on Day #4 of Paleo and I just had one of the worst trainer rides I can remember. 

I woke up and made a sizable breakfast.  A half hour later, I racked the road bike into the trainer (the tri bike is still at the shop getting adjusted) and I hopped on for an hour and a half ride.  I knew right from the start that I was low on energy and it didn't take long to figure out why - I didn't even get five minutes in and my stomach began growling. 

I ran into the kitchen, stuffed a handful of peanuts in my mouth and grabbed a couple mandarin oranges.  I started pedaling again and ate one of the oranges.  The growling was abated, but not for long.  At the 40 minute mark it began growling again.  I ate the other orange and only lasted another 30 minutes. 

Time Travel back to yesterday...

I had a late breakfast and went out for a run within a half hour; 5.28 mile tempo.  I was going to cruise the first two miles, pick up the next two, cruise the fourth plus a bit, and pick it up on the final mile.  The first mile went fine (7:30) and then my tummy started growling.  Seriously?  You're hungry already?  I still pushed it to a 6:35 pace, cruised at a 7:20 pace, and brought it home at 6:20 pace.  I quickly showered and made lunch, only about 1.5 hours after having breakfast.  Then I got to work and the tummy was making noises within another hour. 

It took time in the last Paleo round to get used to the volume of food, which I'm sure is what's happening again - this time with training involved it's going to be even more.  But if it continues on this path and I can't balance it by early next week, I'm considering putting milk back in the mix as a post-workout drink.  My body is processing this food so quickly and they are much less calorie dense that I'm getting hungry much sooner. 


1.  Any good ideas for strict Paleo snacks?
I might go get raw cashews this weekend despite them being a bit expensive. 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard.