Saturday, May 12, 2012

The kid who hates dressing up just bought TWO suits!

That's right.  This kid (yes, kid.  I will forever refer to myself as kid.) absolutely detests dressing up. The only exception is when it is not required/assumed and I can have some fun with it.  Aside from that, I'll rock a pair of jeans, a race shirt, and old running shoes every day of the week!

But stop the presses!!! 
I now own two suits.

Want to see 'em?

The first one arrived yesterday.  To tell you the truth, I even ordered two of these just to get the size right.  I'll send the extra back.

That's right.  Suit #1 is a wetsuit.  Don't look at me.  I didn't lie to you.  It's a "suit" isn't it?  Maybe not something they'd prefer I wear out to high scale restaurants or interviews, but a suit all the same.  Actually, if I could wear that to an interview and not get thrown out right away, that's the kind of job I want!!

After much debating, I went with the Xterra Sleeveless Vortex 4 wetsuit.  I went with sleeveless because I have a swimming background.  The idea of a restricted arm movement makes me shiver.  And while it would have been ~$20 cheaper to go with a clearance Orca S3, I didn't have the ability to send that one back.  So for an extra $20, I bought peace of mind.  Plus, I got this suit at 60% off through my triathlon group.  I swear, that was the best $35 membership fee I ever paid!  So far, I'm liking the Small-Long better than the Medium-Long, but I need to take both out to the lake next weekend to test them out.

Ready for suit #2?  No, it's not a wetsuit.  It's a Zoot Suit!

Get it?  Triathlon "suit" by Zoot.  =P  Even if you're not laughing, I got a chuckle out of it.  The Zoot tri shorts I've had for two seasons already and I love them.  When it's time to replace them, I'm pretty sure I'll get another from Zoot.  The jersey, however, is new.  I've looked at a number of jerseys and knew I'd prefer side pockets to a back pocket and I would need a half or 3/4 zip.  But I've gone bug-eyed at the prices.  Even the cheap ones are $50.

But yet again, my tendency to procrastinate and the fact that I'm thrifty (and that's putting it nicely) worked for me.  I found the jersey at my LBS on the 75% off rack!  Granted, I wasn't thrilled it was red, my least favorite color, but on the bright side, now I match my wife.  I'm sure she's enjoying that!

Lastly, you can't go wearing a suit without proper shoes!  This was actually the main reason I went to the LBS today.  I had ordered some dress shoes in my size.  They don't exactly match the suit, but I don't have to wear dress socks with them and they're quite comfortable!  The Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions, in size 11.5 (the exact same size I wear in the Pearl Izumi Streak IIs)

I've already planned on not having a positive budget this month.  With these purchases plus a bike case I'm picking up next week, a bike bag still to decide on, and nutrition to find, I'm screwed.  These purchases will get me through Rev3 at Quassy in June and then I'll probably be in the negative again in October with purchases for B2B. 


1.  Do you like dressing up?
I've never liked it.  It was always uncomfortable as a kid, but now screams conformity to me.  Why can't we all be respected while wearing comfortable clothes?

2.  Do you own a wetsuit?  How the heck do you get them off quickly?!
I spent longer getting the suits off than I did getting them on!

3.  Do you have brands that you are loyal to?, doesn't have to be sport related.
I love Zoot's apparel - it just fits right.  Pearl Izumi hasn't steered me wrong yet. 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

haha I was definitely fooled and chuckled when I found out the truth. I like dressing up, maybe because I wear jeans and tees every day so it feels like something fun and different. I don't own a wetsuit and I think I would kill myself trying to get out of one so fast lol

SupermomE12 said...

haha! Love it! That's the best kind of suit to spend money on. Enjoy!! :)

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

you're lucky you don't have my job. i wear a suit 5 days a week

here ya go