Friday, February 5, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 014 - Carbo-Loading for the Couch

 Has this happened to you?!

You are walking into the grocery store fully prepared with your list of healthy foods and meals, you've avoided coming on an empty stomach because that just leads to bad things, and as soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted face first by one of these...

You literally have to do a lateral just to get around it because it is blocking your move.

Yup!  Someone at the marketing department decided you need just ONE more test of your will.  They don't care that you don't watch football or that you specifically don't eat ANY of those foods.  Well...  Actually they do.  They want to break you!!  They put all the bad, tasty, and empty calorie foods right in front of you.  "Just try to say no!" 

Long ago, you adopted the practice of only shopping on the outside of the grocery store layout, not going into the aisles so that you could avoid all the temptations of the prepackaged food varieties.  But NOOOOO!!!  That's not enough.  Now you can't walk in the door without the all might marketing dollar being flaunted in your face.

When will they start putting up signs at the door that say

"Did you get 5 servings of fruits & veggies today?
Visit our produce department!!"

"Looking for a little spice to your meals?
Visit our seafood department for our fresh catch of the day!?

No!  It'll never happen.  Marketing doesn't care about your health.  And neither do sports. 

You walk past all the displays of chips, cookies, pop (soda), pizza, an endless variety of appetizers, and who knows what else because you put on the blinders at this point because you know it's WAY before taper time when you need to think about carbo-loading.  And then it hits you...

Why are football fans carbo-loading? 


Why are they carbo-loading DURING the game?

All they're going to do is sit on the couch and yell at the tv!  Sure, there might be some power driven squats or jumps off the couch to the celebration of a play, or a fist pump, high five, or cheer, but their calorie expenditure will certainly be in the majority of the lower end range.  They certainly are not familiar with how sports nutrition works.  They probably even picked up some sports drinks so that they can feel like their in the game because "Who drinks water?!"

Carry on athletes!

Walk with confidence past the chips and pick up your bananas.  Steer clear of the pizza and stock that cart with items for your veggie stir fry.  Avoid the corn dog and mozzarella stick appetizers and fill up on some lean meat or seafood.  Trust me, no one else is going to be going for it, so you'll have those sections of the store all to yourself.

Training does not stop for Football!
Even if that means a 4 hour trainer ride while you watch the game.

Freakin' A!!

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