Friday, February 19, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 016 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Has this ever happened to you?

Thanks to the affects of last week's off-label use of chlorine, I was in desperate need of a haircut.  If I left my hair as is, it got tough or brittle.  If I used gel to try and fake it looking alive, it was BAD!  My only other option was to try and cut the dead hair off.

See the difference in color?!  It's so dead, brittle, soft, and... DEAD!

It really HAD started to turn grey.  But it was grey tipped!  And if I went much longer, I'm sure that might have started turning green.  Ugh!!

So one morning I woke up early and chopped it off.  And then immediately regretted it (in part).


You know that new haircut feeling.  It feels like you've been outside for hours with a nice warm hat on and then someone comes by and takes it away as the wind starts to pick up.  BRRRRRRRRR!!!!  Girls, I'm sure there's some similar feeling you have, right?  If not, then consider yourself lucky.

This is why I prefer longer hair in the winter.

Freakin' A!!!

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Runners Fuel said...

I also hate cutting my hair during the cold weather season. I'm a girl, but it keeps the back of my neck warm.