Friday, February 12, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 015 - Off Label Use of Chlorine

Has this ever happened to you?!

I recently did a three week swim focus in my training.  I was in the pool 6-7 times a week.  Below are some actual questions I got - and some others that I've heard of before.

Hair Lightening
This is what Chlorine does!

Q:  Your hair is lighter.  Did you get it dyed?

A:  No.  I've been swimming a lot.  It's the chlorine.

Going Grey

Q:  Did you dye your hair?  That is a really good slate color!

A:  Umm...  No.  That's just the chlorine.

** This person knows I've done crazy things with my hair in the past. 


Q:  Have you been tanning?  You look darker.

A:  No.  My hair is lighter, so it makes my skin look darker.

Faking a Pool Installation

Q:  Are you guys getting a pool?  I smell chlorine.

A:  No.  That's just me.  It won't come off my skin. 

No Moisturizer?  No problem.

Q:  Your skin is so soft.  What moisturizer do you use?

A:  I don't.  The hair on my arm is so dead that it feels super smooth.

No razor?  No problem.

Q:  Have you been shaving your body already?

A:  No.  My leg/arm hair has become so brittle and thin that it has either broken off or is transparent.

Freakin' A!!!

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Jane Reik said...

You need to find a new pool that uses less chlorine!!