Friday, January 29, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 013 - Human Vortex Magnets

Has this happened to you?!

Have you ever been sucked into a human vortex magnet? 

No, I'm not talking about Facebook.  These are physical vortexes at specific locations that pull you down to the ground like a piece of metal coming close to a magnet and being sucked directly to it.

Yes, they exist!

In my experience, there are more that exist out in the woods.  You're running along, enjoying nature, ignoring the possibility of coming face to face with Mother Nature, and all of a sudden BAM!!  You are sucked directly to the ground, your breath is blown out of your lungs, and you're wildly trying to figure...  HUH?! 

Where am I?
I was running though the gorgeous green woods and now I'm not moving and staring at dirt.
Did someone hit me?
Is this a nightmare?

Nope!  Just another human vortex magnet trying to suck me into the deep crevices of the earth.  Gosh I hate when they do that!

I've managed to avoid being dragged into the dark depths, but not without battle wounds! 

Then again a couple months later on a sidewalk in broad daylight, it strikes again!

The battle was a win, but the war is NOT OVER!!  Bring it vortices!  You will not get me.

Freakin' A!!!


Runners Fuel said...

Luckily, (knock on wood) I've never fallen that bad. A little trip, no big deal. I look around to see if anyone is laughing and keep going about my run. Hoping for a quick heal!

Jford said...

Ouch, man that looks like it hurts! Hope all is well and quick healing!