Friday, January 22, 2016

Freakin' A Friday!! 012 - Did I Do That?

Has this happened to you??

You're at the pool (or maybe on the trainer with your bike or out on a run at the track) just getting in your workout for the day.

You're just starting one of the main focus sets/intervals when the world decides that 'making this easy' is a step below you and BAM!!!!

...your Hulk strength breaks the paddle right from under your hand.  Someone up above is laughing at you, you swear it!

Gosh darnit!  
That's what I get for doing swim strength for four months straight.
(Not really.  That's what I get for gripping the paddle wrong!)

But what do I do now?!  I have a paddle set that I need to do.  The paddle is broken.  Do I swim with just one paddle?  Do I do the set without the paddle?  Do I go home because the world has sent me a sign that I'm done for the day?

Nope!  You grab your 2nd pair of paddles (oh-yes!  You're a Type A and have back ups [thanks to a review you're working on for additional paddles]) and say "Take That World!" as you continue on.  Of course you note in the training log that there was extra rest before that interval too.

Have you had equipment break (or not work) on you when you needed it?
What did you do?

Freakin' A!!!


EnglishclassRunner said...

Does having a broken bike computer for the first 3 weeks of training that your coach lays out, counts as broken equipment? :)

I hear HR tests are in order for next week's plan. Thinking those first few minutes in the 200+ zone might indicate a broken HR monitor? It's okay, though. I have 2 extra. :)

Runners Fuel said...

WOW! You are the Hulk!! I've only ran out of batteries in my mp3 player. Nothing major.