Thursday, May 23, 2013

TTT: Love Notes, Tough Mudder, & Bottle Cages

A Love Note

Every so often I find my tastes change and I can't stand my current gel dependent or simply prefer another.  This year I've gone from loving GU Chocolate Mint to preferring Clif Vanilla.  But recently, I went to restock and the LBS was out.  What do I do?!  I gave Clif Chocolate a try; not that great, but manageable.  When the Clif rep stopped by the LBS to get an order, they had me covered.

I got a FB message from one of the employees letting me know that my gels were in and when opened it up, there was a note from my beloved Vanilla.

That kind of made my day.

World's Toughest Mudder

I've never done a Tough Mudder or any obstacle course event.  Based on that fact, you might consider this a crazy leap, but I've already added the World's Toughest Mudder to my list of events I have to eventually try. 

Go watch the 2012 video.  It's amazing.  24 hours of as many laps/obstacles you can finish.  Think ultramarathon, army training camp, and wetsuit. 

Taking Suggestions for Bottle Cages

I use the Specialized Rib Cage bottle cage on my rear hydration system, but recently one of the cages broke.  It's not bad enough where it's unusable, but I wouldn't trust it in a race when I need what it's holding. 

I've asked around about other cages and everyone seems to suggest carbon cages, but everyone agrees that carbon isn't any more sturdy; it's simply lighter. 

I could get a new Specialized Rib Cage.  I could even get the carbon one for three times the price, but I'd prefer to have something I know is sturdy and strong as opposed to a few grams lighter and therefore going to save me a whole 3 seconds on my Ironman. 



1.  When was the last time you received a love note.
Prior to this week, it was high school.  I even remember who it was from.  Don't worry - your secret is safe with me.

2.  What gel or nutrition product are you dependent on for race day?
Clif Vanilla gels and Strawberry-Vanilla Perpetum

3.  Have you ever done a Tough Mudder or obstacle course race?  How does it compare to a road race of the same distance?
I've already asked a few ultra runner buddies of mine if they'd be interested in doing the World's Toughest Mudder.  Why start simple when you can dive in head first?!

4.  What bottle cage do you use?  Any suggestions on a sturdy option that isn't steel?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.


Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...

I agree the carbon (at my skill level) will not save me time but a good carbon cage will prevent bottle ejections.

A couple of tri professionals I know say get the XLAB Gorilla XT Carbon Cage. I grabbed them and they are AWESOME!! No ejections. Great cage.

I combined them with the XLAB Wing (non-carbon) and although expesive, it is a great setup.

Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...

Subscribing to the thread

Jenny Davidson said...

I did the Tough Mudder in NJ this past fall and thought it was super-fun. Definitely do it with a group, though - I think that you ideally have at least 4 people, but at a minimum a couple others - not so fun otherwise. And do a regular-length one first to work out what gear you need! V different from triathlon - wear a pair of shoes you are ready to throw away! - and anything with a zipper will get clogged with mud and be impossible to get things out of....