Wednesday, May 15, 2013



The past is behind you and the future will always be out of reach, so all you have is the present. Be a part of it!!

Today I went for a short run. I've done plenty of short runs before. I ran this exact route yesterday even. But today, after getting through the transition of that first mile, I was overcome with happiness. Motorists were looking at me with odd faces as I climbed a hill with a big smile on my face. I wasn't going super fast (I was actually slower than yesterday), nor was I going super far. I was just going and it made me happy.

Sure, there were "happy" chemicals coursing through me, training has me increasingly delirious during workouts, and I'm just bat sh*% crazy to begin with, but for whatever reason today's run signified a change to me. Life felt like it clicked in that moment.

Some people need a purpose. Other people need to believe in something bigger. Even more will search their entire lives for an explanation. Today, all I needed was that run. The ground beneath my feet, the air in my lungs, and the world all around me laid out like an adult playground.

Life is good.


1.  Have you ever had a euphoric moment?  
Do share!!

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.  

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Coy Martinez said...

I've been like that the past week! So happy to be doing whatever.