Thursday, January 24, 2013

TTT: Motivation is the Name of the Game

What motivates you?!

The New Hoyt Generation

I would hope that you've all heard of Team Hoyt, Rick and Dicky Hoyt.  If not, please go youtube Team Hoyt and let Rick and Dick put you to tears over their story.

For those of us who know these two - or some of you who have even been lucky enough to meet them - there are a new pair in town; brothers Carter & Cayden.

I'm sure it won't be long until we see their faces at some of the major triathlon, road, or whatever else they get in to races.

I rearranged my room!

I know, you're so excited!!  Haha.  But along with the renovation of space, I finally picked up a few pieces of foam board which have helped to finally display the posters that friends have made to cheer me on at races.

On the left are signs that friends of mine made for my first Half Iron, the 2011 Ironman 70.3 Providence.  Yes, there are some inside jokes to these!

"You can be the BIG SPOON tonight."
"Why aren't you naked?"
"You're so Pretty"

On the right are signs that friends made for my first Iron, 2012 Beach 2 Battleship. And they're what I look at while I get the miles in on my trainer.

"Go 179!  It's lightish red."
"Kurt puts the HOT in HOT PINK."

Nothing like a little motivation, a reminder of how much fun racing has been, and a reminder how much support I have while grinding it out. 

Back-to-Back 70.3s??

In drafting my 2013 race schedule, I originally had hoped to put back-to-back 70.3s together in September with FIRMman and Pumpkinman.  To my dismay, I had gotten the dates mixed up and they turned out to be on the same day.  Oh-well.  I went on my merry way and have been fine with it. 

Then today, a post on my triathlon club FB page has highlighted another opportunity.  I am prepped to sign up for the HITS North County 70.3 which is on June 29th.  What I hadn't realized was that a local CT event company has a half on June 30th; Might Mossman Half.

I haven't even checked the details to see if it's feesible to finish North County, pack up, get back to CT, and pick up my packet for Mighty Mossman.  But I can't help but consider the possibility.


1.  Do you know who Team Hoyt are?

2.  Do you display race posters and cheering signs on your wall?
I have race posters from Ironman 70.3 Vegas on my wall and finally have 5 of 7 cheering posters up.  Two more foam boards to acquire from work and I'll be set!

3.  What do you think?  Should I do back-to-back half irons?
Is this officially crazy?!

4.  What motivates you?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

You must have one heck of a recovery system, there is no way I could pull off back to back 70.3's.

the closest I have come to that was a sprint tri on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday

ajh said...

I raced with Team Hoyt once and was duly impressed! I watched the SI video of the two brothers the other night and was totally captivated. I am thinking of doing Pumpkinman (the sprint). Have you done it before? Which race did you choose?