Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In keeping with the pattern...

Remember how Running Cures All ailments?  Well, after Monday's 20-degree run that seemed to kick my cold, Mother Nature stepped up with some heavy artillery!

Now THAT's getting cold! 

Negative one degree with wind chill.  I'm usually safe to assume that the temperature in my area is closer to the wind chill than the non-wind chilled temperature given that it always seems like a wind tunnel. 

So I bundled up, headed out, and did 5.8 miles.


I got back to the apartment with roughly 40% of the feeling in my face remaining and fully prepared to audition for Rudolph!  But on the bright side, I discovered a new use for the skiing gloves I never use and the freezing temperatures seem to be working to break up this cold.  Bam!!  I am an instant super hero!


1.  What is the coldest temperature you've run in?  Is there a point at which it's too cold for you to run out doors?
-10 F is the coldest I've run in.  I avoid the treadmill at nearly all costs.

2.  Do you use any non-running apparel for running? 
I now use winter ski gloves for running gloves when it gets cold enough.  

3.  If you could be a super hero, which one would you be?  (Must choose a pre-existing character)
After watching The Avengers, a friend and I had a pretty deep conversation on this very topic.  I like that The Hulk can't be killed, but his power is a bit inconvenient.  Ironman is cool, but altogether not a real power beyond being clever.  Therefore, of those I know, I would have to go with Spiderman. 

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve.  


Big Daddy Diesel said...

This one is easy, Superman

Runners Fuel said...

that IS cold!!! I hate being cold!! The coldest I've ever run is probably about 25. I think I complained to myself the entire time too.

Courtney said...

I ran yesterday in 19 degrees and it said it felt like 9!! I think that is my coldest ever!! I really enjoyed it. I would much rather run in the cold then on the dreadmill!! I would be super woman for sure because aren't all moms!!