Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New, year, New... bathroom?

I came home last night to this...

My front door entrance
and this...

The living room sealed off and the dining room filled
and some of this...

My dining room
"What is happening?" you might ask.  Apparently while upgrading the downstairs apartment, they noticed a leak in the wall coming from upstairs (our apartment).  Therefore, this week, we are getting an upgrade to the bathroom. 

Yay!  New bathroom!  

Not quite so much.  I work 2-10pm three days a week, which means I don't leave the apartment 'till 1:30pm.  The construction crew needs the apartment empty from 8am to 4pm for two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!! 

You have to go without a bathroom for two weeks?!

Thankfully no.  Even as a guy, that just ain't gonna' happen!  They gave us the key to the newly renovated apartment downstairs.  We have use of that unit for the construction period.  So while they're dong their remake of our bathroom, we get to use the bathroom, kitchen, and living room of the new unit.  And if I'm going to be here for awhile (yes, I'm typing from the downstairs living room right now), I'm gonna' make sure I'm comfortable!

I've got my oversized arm chair, a table, my computer, a book, my wife and trainer...  I'm all set with my own studio apartment!  haha 

And then of course!  We get an email today at 8:45am telling us "The contractor won't be in today, so you can stay in the apartment."  Haha.  Thanks!!


1.  Have you ever had a renovation done while you're still living in an apartment? 
This is a first.  

2.  What's new in your new year?!

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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Unknown said...

How did the renovation go? Were you guys satisfied? Once I had my my whole apartment in New York renovated so I was transferred to another unit for like 3 weeks or more. It paid off pretty well because the result was awesome and the unit looked so comfy afterwards. The good thing about it is that the rent didn't go up. haha!

Leeanne Dyson