Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week in Review (03/19/11 - 03/25/11)

This Week in Review:
03/19/11 - 03/25/11

1.  We've all been on a treadmill at one point in our lives.  We've also all been in the water.  How many have been on a treadmill that is IN water before?  James @ Tri-James put up a video of his experience in the HydroWorx, an underwater treadmill.  Check it out HERE.

2.  Anyone who is interested in the official Ironman races (or the Boston Marathon and other endurance events as well) should check out the site  They have TONS of great stats on entry times, age group proportions, cross race comparisons, etc.  I've been using this site a lot to try and figure out which Ironman race to enter next year.  Check it out HERE.

3.  One thing I've been working on is my cadence - how fast I spin my legs around on my run.  They say the optimum speed is 180 rpm and Troy Jacobson @ The Life of an Endurance Sports Coach talks about it HERE in his post.  


1.  Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run Reviews & Giveaways is hosting three - yes count them, THREE - giveaways this week.  The first is for Bad A$$ socks; enter HERE.  The second is for a SONY Walkman player; enter HERE.  The last is a Nuun water bottle and four pack of electrolyte drink; enter HERE

2.  Tawnee @ Tri*Tawn has a giveaway for a new triathlon clothing company called Ignis (Yes, they do exist!).   She concocted quite the unique (and thought-provoking) way to enter.  Check it out HERE.


1.  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy! had "one of those days" with her new tri bike.  And as much as you all don't want to publicly admit it, we've all had days/experiences like this.  Read it HERE.

2.  A "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" goes out this week to Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty!  Run over to her blog and check this girl out!   Click HERE for the fun to begin. 


1.  Remember last week Kelly @ Life As a TriMommy gave a review of the EFS Sports Drink line HERE?  Well, Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile gave the energy shots a try and fell in love with them.  Read Caroline's post HERE IronDiva also plugged the line of performance drinks for being highly useful and easy on the stomach!  Read her post HERE.  There has GOT to be something to this brand!

2.  Looking for your next running book?  Well, Heather @ Run Faster Mommy! found it for you.  She reviewed "Long May You Run," and it sounds awesome.  Check out her review HERE.  


1.  Chelsea broke the 2-hour mark in her second half marathon, the NYC half.  Congrats to her for braving the 37 degree weather and the hectic NYC traffic/crowds.

2.  Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty broke the 2-hour mark in the Tobacco Road Half Marathon.  She also finished with two friends, J-Ninja & Breaking Pace.  Read the race report HERE

3.  KC @ 140 Point 6 Miles...Of Awesome finished her very first half Ironman.  And not only that, she finished second in her age group with a 5:11:50.  That's SOLID!!  Check out her race report HERE.


5 Miles Past Empty said...

Dang!! i made the weekly recap TWICE!!! I'm a high roller!!! THanks for the bday shout out and the sub two props!!

I am heading to read about KC's half iron right now!!!


TriGirl said...

Loving the new background Kurt! I also really like all the shout outs you gave in this post--you gave me some new sites to check out :D

Caroline said...

Thanks for including me Kurt ! I love this weekly recap!
Tried the liquid shot in vanilla today and it was great!

Chelsea said...

Thanks!!! I love the weeks in review! Now I have so many sites to check out :-)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Thanks for the props Kurt!! I'm jonesing to do another 70.3 soon : )