Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Getting Late...

It's late (already nearly 11pm) and I promised myself I'd be up and at the gym early tomorrow for a long swim, so this will be short.  Sorry!

This morning was a battle of the wits between my inner eager athlete and inner coach.  With shin splints still in the legs, I REALLY wanted to go run, but after the battle subsided and the dust settled, the coach stood victorious while a little piece of me inside died (I've surprisingly become a big fan of running).  However, the decision was only finally made at a point in the day when it was too late to go to the gym before work.  Ugh!  But after I got home I went STRAIGHT to the gym and got in a 1.5 hour ride on the stationary. 

Since the stationary hit's it's max at 60 minutes, I rode an hour at random level 10 and managed around 18.1 miles.  Then I reset for another 30 minutes at level 15 and managed 9.7 miles.  I'm still curious if the higher level equals a higher gear since I rode faster at a higher level, but oh-well (maybe I'm just THAT good - no?  maybe not).  I got 27.8 miles in, did a good amount of stretching and I'm happy with that.

Tomorrow, I'm up "early" for a two mile swim.  Then after work it's back to the gym for yoga (if I can make it there on time) and circuit training for Jess.  I'm already feeling hungry just thinking about it and I JUST ate dinner.  haha

Quick Questions:
1.  Do you have inner battles over what to do that day for a workout?  Which side tends to win?
Usually my eager athlete wins (what can I say, I still think I'm invincible), but lately I'm trying my best to be "smart" about my training.  It's slow progress!

2.  Does anyone else detest stationary bikes?
I cannot wait for the weather to change so I can get my bike out of storage and really RIDE!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 

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