Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Like I'm 5 and It's Christmas All Over Again

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Do you remember that feeling of anticipation you had on Christmas eve as a little kid?  The butterflies in your tummy that kept you up an extra hour before you finally fell asleep.  And the way you used to wake up IMMEDIATELY in the morning because you knew it was Christmas (even if that only happened to be 4 hours after you went to bed).  You'd go downstairs and see all the presents around the tree - Santa HAD come!!  (not that you ever considered the possibility that he wouldn't - he's incredibly reliable)  But mom and dad, who had just gotten to sleep two hours ago, come into the living room and tell you "Ok, we need to get back to bed.  We'll open the presents in the morning."  But... but... but... it IS morning.  This is the one day a year where "morning" is dictated by the time you wake up instead of the sun's arrival. 

I've had that feeling all day!  It was my birthday recently and my dad called to ask me if I still needed some of the swimming equipment that I had mentioned to him back before Christmas.  I told I did and he, in his sly 'I still get to pretend you're a child' way told  me "I'll keep that in mind then."  He is so predictable and I love it.  But anyways, he sent me the tracking code for my package and it's been killing me to watch it ever... so... S-L-O-W-L-Y tick away at the days.  My father has an evil side!!

But at 3:30am this morning my package arrived at the Hartford, CT dock and at 5:14am it left to be delivered.  In some ways I wish I had work early today so I wouldn't be sitting here waiting anxiously for Santa (I mean the UPS guy/girl) to arrive on the sliegh (I mean in the truck) with the sack of toys (er!, my package).
It has arrived!!!

(*picture mad tearing and ripping apart of the above pictured box with shouts of joy and child laughter*)

Drum Roll Please...


I opened the box and automatically I knew my dad had out done even my own expectations.  I had mentioned the paddles (top left), the pull buoy (bottom left), kickboard (top center), and swim suit (bottom right), but he even had the insight enough to think of including a bag (bottom center) to carry all this stuff!  He's so smart!  haha  He also included a large swimmer's towel, so now I have two!  I have no more reason to bring a normal towel with me to the gym ever.  Now I just need to buy a gym bag to put all my fancy equipment and clothing in.  Maybe that's what I do this weekend.

If I don't make it to the pool tonight, I sure will spend quite a bit of time there tomorrow (after 10am though to avoid the idiotic aquatic fitness class).  Look for a review on the above items soon!

1.  When's the last time you felt that kind of anticipation for anything?
Ever since I found my Xmas presents one year before Christmas, I've lost my feeling of anticipation for most things.  I'm usually much more patient and able to let things just come in time.

2.  Any thoughts of what I should draw on my kickboard?
In high school, the seniors got to personalize their kickboards, so I feel I need to personalize this one. I'm thinking an Ironman symbol (like my image), but I think there should be more.  Thoughts?  Any good quotes you know of?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.


5 Miles Past Empty said...

Totally draw a shark on a bike...come on, you know you can!! Or a stick figure swimming, biking and running!!

Awesome job dad!!! That is a kick A bday present!! And I love getting packages in the mail!!

Kind of dramatic but one time, in college after a bad break up I decided to not be depressed and look at each tomorrow as if it were Christmas!! And I have lived with that philosophy ever since, over 10 years!! I love it! Each day is like a surprise, an adventure, like CHRISTMAS!!! =)

Fun post! And I so check the status of my packages too, and love to see them heading our at 3 AM!

Thanks for the shout out BTW!

Fat for a Triathlete said...

Maaan, I can't believe you are patient enough to take a photo of the damn box!!! I wanted 2 months for the stuff pictured in yesterday's blog, and I had ripped the box most of the way open before the delivery guy had even left our office!!

Then.... must admit, looked a little guilty when my boss asked me what all the commotion was... small office... lol. :)

I love getting packages in the mail!!!!! :)

I am totally going to do that. Imma copy a tattoo that one of the guys in the squad has, the IM symbol with the southern cross on it. Or maybe an Aussie flag ;)

Richelle said...

Your dad is awesome!

1. I feel that Christmas-y type of excitement before I go on a trip somewhere.

2. The Ironman symbol is a great idea. I'm a fan of the word BELIEVE.