Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week in Review (03/12/11 - 03/18/11)

We all have weeks where you just can't help but fall behind, am I right?  Things come up at work, the kids (or 'friends' for those of us without little ones) go crazy, training takes up all your free time...  the list goes on and on.  So wouldn't it be nice to have one place to go and find everything from that week? 


Let today be the first of many WEEK IN REVIEW blogs!  

My goal is to keep a running tab or informative, interesting, funny, and lucrative blogs that have been posted between Saturday of last week through Friday of this week.  The headings I'm sure will change around a bit, but oh-well.  You'll deal.  Here goes nothing...

Week In Review 
03/12/2011 - 03/18/2011


The first two posts I'll highlight came about under very suspicious circumstances.  I noticed both of these in the AM, just after I had address both issues the previous evening.  Talk about ironic timing!

1.  Multivitamins: Marni @ TriMarni - A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition and my life put up a blog concerning information on multivitamins; read it HERE.  As athletes, who go through nutrients faster than other people, it is important to make sure we get what our bodies need and many times that means getting the right supplements!

2.  Shin Splints Runnergirl Training posted some info on shin splints and an exercise to help prevent them; read it HERE.  I know I deal with shin splints a lot!

3.  ChaffingDanny @ A Quest for Running Perfection finally got pulled into the category of bodyglide users and believers!  Read about it HERE.  I've been meaning to pick some up myself too. 

4.  Cupcake Marathon:  Everyone seems to have posts about the virtual race call the Cupcake Marathon!  This is one event that makes me wish I had a GPS.  Read about the race at any of the below listed blogs.
Runnergirl Training - HERE.
KC @ 140 Point 6 Miles...Of Awesome - HERE.
Austin @ Enjoy The Ride - HERE.

5.  Endurance Planet Podcast: Tawnee @ Tri*Tawn became the new voice of the Endurance Planet Podcast.  I've listened to a few of her podcasts and I think she'll be awesome.  Read about it HERE.

6.  BodyRockKatie @ Run for the Bikini posted one of the workout videos and let me tell you, they are some of the best home workout videos I've ever seen.  There really is no need to go to the gym and she proves it every time.  If you're up for a challenge, check out the video HERE.  

7.   Beach Running:  With Spring/Summer on its way (for those of use in the Northern Hemisphere), the beach is becoming more and more of an attraction.  Tawnee @ Tri*Tawn answered a followers question concerning running on sand.  If you're a beach goer, you'll want to read it HERE


1.  Congratulations!!  I want to start by congratulating Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run for having her 2-year Blogiversary!  I haven't been around for the entire two years, but she sure seems to have made her dent in a lot of people, so congratulations to her for two years of fun, friends, and inspiration!!  Read "Two Years of Tall Mom" HERE.

2.  Workouts & Marriage.  Do they mix?  I know a majority of my followers have spouses or significant others!  Austin @ Enjoy The Ride posted about an article in the Wall Street Journal called "A Workout Ate My Marriage."  Please, add your thoughts to his blog comments or email me - I'd be VERY interested to hear what you think.  Begin debating HERE

3.  Slang.  Are you up to date with your slang?  Do you know what "rulk" means?  Well, to find out read about it's invention HEREAimee @ I Tri To Be Me decided this certain activity finally needed a name! 

4.  Good Samaritans. Richelle @ Running Toward A Higher Calling had a great 'Good Samaritan' story you might want to check out; read it HERE.  Stories like this always make me feel better about the world!

5.  Hilarious LettersTMB @ Racing With Babes writes letters to each of her girls on their birthday.  They are absolutely hilarious and touching.  Doodle recently had a birthday, so we have yet another letter!  Read it HERE

6.  People can say the darndest thingsMarni @ TriMarni - A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition and my life spent a day offering samples of veggie burgers to customers.  You should read some of the responses she got; they're hilarious!!  Begin laughing HERE

7.  Blogger Vaca:  Have you ever thought one of those blogger vacations would be cool?  Get a bunch of bloggers together and go out?  Well, just you wait!  Read Heather's behind the scenes recap of her trip to Disney World at Run Faster Mommy and you'll be addicted to the idea!!  Begin drooling HERE


1.  If you've ever had stomach issues with various sports drinks, Kelly @ My Life as a Trimommy found a product that worked wonders for her, First Endurance.  Read her review HERE

2.  Have issues with blisters?  Runnergirl Training suggests some blister prevention products that she highly recommends; read it HERE


1.  Austin @ Enjoy The Ride decided to combine the Japan relief with a giveaway; a Finis Lap uncerwater timer and lap counter.  Check it out HERE.

2.  Stephanie @ Thorns Have Roses has a Rainbow Giveaway you all might want to check out.  I don't want to burst the bubble, but she has quite the awesome idea for a certain type of party.  Read about it (and enter the contest) HERE

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Stephanie said...

This was so awesome! I would love it if you kept doing a break down like this! You gave me links to several sites I've never been to! I'm off to debate for starters! :)

Have a great weekend Kurt!

Stephanie said... I participated in the debate. It was a good topic. :)

runnergirl training said...

Thanks for the great shout outs to my blog! I always enjoy reading your blog! :) Great post!!

Tri-James said...

Nice weekly round up!

Richelle said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Katie said...

Awesome, I am definitely going to check out some of this stuff I missed! and thanks for including me :)