Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Today was my day off, but I decided that the weather was so nice that I should go do some hiking.  I started hiking a lot this past Spring, but stopped when I got into triathlons in June.  So I headed out to Penwood State Park in Simsbury, CT and that certainly was not the smartest idea I've had.  haha

I walked a total of about 3.6 miles; the yellow trail up to Lake Louise and then back south down the Metacomet (blue) trail.  By the time I was up to Lake Loise, my left big toe was already beginning to bother me.  I opted to head back to the car instead of continuing on up the orange trail.  Thank God I did that because not more than 5 minutes onto the blue trail, my toe REALLY started bothering me.  It may feel ok during gym workouts and walking around in short bursts, but I can't walk that far all at one time.

Stupid is as stupid does, but at least stupid learns.  I noticed something while walking.  The shin splint in my right leg started bothering me at one point and I realized that I was leaning on that foot.  My curiosity led me to remember that the majority of times I end up with shin splints, they are only in my right foot, rarely my left.  Therefore, I am wondering if I run unbalanced; do I lean on my right foot for some reason or do I tend to let my right foot hit harder than my left?  I'll have to keep an eye out for that when I get back out on the road.

After getting back home I checked out the toe and some blood is back underneath the nail; not the best sign.  It's really small, but I'll be staying away from extended walking for awhile.  Let this be a lesson if even just to myself - if you push yourself to the point of injury, it better be worth the recovery time.

Back to the gym tomorrow.  Ciao!

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