Friday, November 27, 2015

Freakin' A Friday!! 004: Really?!

You're riding along, enjoying the fall foliage, and even having a pretty good ride.

Yeah!  Something like that.

Then you hear the sounds of a car behind you.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  You can tell they are speeding up, so they'll probably pass you.  Okay!

"Car Back!!"

A double tap "beep beep" honk.  Clearly they didn't see the post on Honking at Cyclists!  Ugh!

You have two lanes and no shoulder.  'They'll move over to the other lane.'  Uuuuhhh.. NOPE!  The driver insists on not changing lanes and driving close by.  They also give you the "What are you doing out on the road?" look.  'Yeah, yeah.  You don't know the rules of the road.  I get it.  Drive on.'  You've experienced it plenty of times before. 

Then as the driver pulls ahead, he and his elderly wife not only pull back in front of you and slow down, but they merge right into the new right turn only lane.  You're left in your own (now the middle) lane thinking...

You couldn't wait five seconds to let me get ahead?
You had to speed ahead (on the left) and cut me off just to get into the right hand lane?


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