Friday, November 6, 2015

Freakin' A Friday!! 001: Maintenance Ruins It All

Your whole day is planned; before sunrise to well past sun down.  Everything will fit perfectly as long as nothing slips. You get through work.  You get through scheduled errands.  And with the 90 minutes you scheduled for your 60 minute workout, you rush to the gym and arrive 15 minutes behind schedule (now down to a 15 minutes of wiggle room), to find the following sign...

The pool will temporarily be closed for maintenance.

"Ohhhh...  No worries" the attendant says.  "It should be done in an hour or two.  Just give us a call."  He is clearly not aware of your evening schedule!  Of course, the only other option is a 15 minute one-way drive and putting me in rush hour traffic.  Ugh!!


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