Friday, November 20, 2015

Freakin' A Friday!! 003: It Burns!

You're at the pool enjoying a tough, but successful swim set. 

Half way through the main set, you're feeling accomplished and pumped to finish if off strong. 

Then all of a sudden you want nothing more than to turn this into a hypoxic set and stop breathing all together.

OMG!!  What is that?!

The lady who recently finished (and thankfully left an open lane for you to take over), must have hopped into the shower.  With every breathe you are gulping in fumes of the strongest fragrance of a body wash/shampoo known to man!! 

Ohhh!  It burns!!  
How is that not eating away at her skin right now?

But because your are a triathlete (read: Type A personality), you finish off your workout anyways. 


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