Friday, July 4, 2014

IMLP Training Camp in Pictures

So far this year, I've made two trips to Lake Placid.  I went up in mid June for a training camp with my coach's triathlon team/group, Valor Triathlon Project.  Two weeks later, I went back up with my local triathlon club (Hartford Extended Area Triathletes, or HEAT) for another training weekend.

While I had hoped to write beautiful reports on how the weekend went, how much I love the scenery, my now not-so-secret thoughts of racing Placid again, and so on, it simply has not yet happened.  I like to think that I have more free time than I actually do.  Therefore, when I went up for the HEAT training weekend, I decided to attempt documenting it in pictorial form as a back up plan.  So here it is...

The back up plan blog!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is...  Um...  45 times a thousand....  plus 150...  carry the one....  Oh hell!  Here's the report!

Driving up 87N starting to see the beautiful hills!

LOVE those hills!

Seriously!  I want this view out my front door.

The magic exit off of 87N

IMLP Ski Jumps!

Hang out at Delta Blue with live music

Fueling up!

Ready to start 56-112 miles in the saddle!

Yes, I was there too!!

Look at this course!!

Scruffy's tactic was to draft me.

Here begins the descent!

I LOVE this section where the scenery opens up!

We all try to speed here.  Don't lie!

Coming into Keene for the LEFT.

ADK Cafe in Keene

Beautiful river views!


"Just around the river bend"

Steve and Scruff stopping at the Mossman Aid Station

Under 1 mile from the Au Sable Forks turnaround

Welcome to Au Sable Forks!

Ok...  Now go back the way you came!!

Coming up on the turn onto 86.

You pass this rock wall...

...and then turn RIGHT!

And here starts the CLIMBING!!

It wouldn't read me.  Darn you!

Athletes hanging out at the Haselton Rd. out and back.


The amazing ladies of the Mossman Aid Station!!

River views in the final 11 miles.


Back out for loop #2!  Ski Jumps.

Share the road with us and we'll share it with you!

After the turn in Keene.

Lots of "Fallen Rocks" signs!

6.5 hours of looking at this!  *yawn*


Definitely one of the better town signs.

Upper Jay bakery.

Coming up to the right bend and Whiteface.

Over the bridge before the turn.

RIGHT onto course.  LEFT up to Whiteface.

Continue on to follow the river.

Phone booth?!?


GOD I love the views here!

Coming up on the Haselton Rd. turn around.

Coming up on the Haselton Rd. turn around.

Coming up on the Haselton Rd. turn around.

Only one flat on the day!  Successfully changed!

Totally missed Mama Bear


Olympic Byway


Post-training fueling at The Dancing Bear

Emma's milkshakes too!!

Off to swim!

The much required Ironman Lake Placid photo!

Mirror Lake Panoramic #1

Mirror Lake Panoramic #2
My hips/knees were tight.  Yes, this is quite comfortable.

Raspberry Pistachio Cake

The Good Bite - AMAZING vegetarian food

RUN - heading out Main St.

A nice start going downhill.

Major downhill!

Bend left!!

Past the Horse Show grounds!

Big horse show going on this weekend!

Another great downhill before River Rd.

Thank you Placid for the safety!

Turn back OFF of River Rd.

Turn right back to town!

So there it is.  Lake Placid training in pictures!  Well.... at least some of it. 

This week I'm home in CT.  Next week I'm in Geneva, NY for Musselman.  The weekend after I'm home.  Then I'm back to Placid for volunteering at the race.  Then finally I'll be home for awhile.  PHEW!!

Hope all of your training is going well!


1.  Do you go to training camps?  Where at?

2.  Have you ever sworn you would never do a certain race again and then found yourself slowly deciding that it could be fun to do again?
My interpretation now is that my performance did not go well at Placid and that was because I didn't attack it well and stick to my plan.  That left a scar on the memory and I've looked to other races to find one that I connect with.  However, after two more training camps on the Placid course, I'm starting to get the hang of it more.  2015 is out, but 2016 or later might be a possibility.

3.  What do you have coming up for races?
I'm doing a 70.3 called Musselman on the 13th.  Then it's Rev3 Cedar Point full in Sept.


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RockStarTri said...

My friends want me to join them in Placid for race weekend. I think their "secret" plan is to sign up yet again. I haven't been training so I begging off.

Have fun