Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!! get to work!!

I woke up this morning at 4:11am and rolled back over. 

I woke up again at 5:28 and rolled back over again.

Finally, I woke up at 6:22 and decided it was time to get up.  I didn't have to get up for work.  I would have been up at 6am for that.  But I still had work to get done.  And we're not talking errands, cleaning, cooking, or parties.  Today was pretty darn close to a full work day.  It was just a little different type of work. 

So at 9am, I clocked in for a 6-7 hour work day.

My "office" chair.

My meals on wheels lunch box.

A horrid hill that is great coming back down!

Farmington community garden.  I love riding by this!

There are always people out working in their little plot.

Rode by the Rails to Trails (goes all the way up into MA)

Up to Collinsville along the Farmington River

Past the boat rentals

About one mile later, I turned around in New Hartford and headed back the exact way I came.

I stopped at a toy airfield across from the gardens to pee

I've always loved the color of this... garage?

Doesn't match the house, but oh-well.

I made it home in a total of 2:25:xx.  With a 5 hour ride on the schedule and my internal OCD about comparing data, I decided to head right back out for a second trip along the same route.

Back out for O&B trip #2 and the skies are getting grey!

It actually started raining towards the end of the first trip and was on & off throughout the second.  I had been iffy about the weather beforehand, but turns out it was great.  I stayed cool and that probably helped me keep up the intensity throughout!

Turn around in New Hartford

Stopped in for a couple waters & a bathroom break.

No fishers today.  It's usually lined with people!

Beautiful views!

When I approached my driveway, I saw that I'd be at roughly 88.5 miles with about 9 minutes to go.  I kept riding.  A little extra out & back and I tipped the scale for 90 miles!  BOOM!!

Not a bad day if I do say so myself!  SO PUMPED!!


Helmet hair!  GOD that mop needs to be trimmed!

After a 5 hour ride (plus 30 minutes for lights and traffic), I went out for a 4 mile brick run.  In total, I put in a 6.5 hour work day.  Not bad for a holiday!

There's no paycheck.  
There's no time clock.  
There's no lunch break or scheduled reviews.  
But when you finish, you have an ample excuse for a big meal and a nap.
No complaints here!!


1.  What did you do for the 4th of July??
It rained here (obviously) so a lot of get togethers are pushed to the weekend.  I already ate and am now going to take a nap.  #exciting

2.  Have you had any really good mental/motivational workouts lately?
I had a really good HOT run earlier this week and now a really good long bike.  I'm a happy camper!

3.  Does rain alter your workout plans?
As long as it's not thunder/lightning, hail, too cold, or really low visibility, I'll be out there!


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