Monday, July 1, 2013

Post-Vacation Vacation

Have you ever gone away on vacation or a trip and then when you got back felt like you needed a day or two at home just to get reorganized and ready for going back to your normal schedule?


Maybe I should blame my pre-race planning, but it always takes me up to a week to get back in the swing of things once I get home from a big race.  It's not that I need the time to mentally switch gears or even unpack.  I just need time to prep everything for my normal day. 

I raced the HITS North Country Half on Saturday and spent Sunday with my mother and step father; it was my mother's birthday.  But after getting home last night at 7:00pm, I unpacked, got a quick snack, got caught up on emails, made a to do list for the next day, prepped a workout session for the following morning, and then finally gave in and went to sleep instead of staying up.  When I got up super early, I went straight to coaching, then went grocery shopping.  I came home, cooked, did half the dishes, did a quick clean of the car (that still smells from this weekend), and then got caught BACK up on emails.  I then wrote this post instead of jumping into my race report because I still need to clean my bike (it's making a weird noise I think is from the grime on the chain), fold two sets of laundry, shave, shower, make lunch and dinner for work later, finish the dishes, deep clean the bathroom, and then write up my HITS race report along with the long overdue report from IMLP training camp the previous weekend.  As you can guess, it's not all going to get done today!

No matter how well I plan, I always seem overwhelmed with daily chores when I return from a big race.  I guess it's back to the drawing board for the pre-race planning!


`1.  Have you ever taken a day or two off from work after you return from a trip/race?

2. How do you plan for a vacation, trip, or the like? 

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