Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HELP!! What would you do?

Let's play out a hypothetical situation...

Here are the facts...
  • You're running a marathon this coming Sunday
  • The marathon is going to be cold; roughly 30-40 degrees.  You've known that for awhile.
  • You've practiced clothing options and have come up with your outfit
  • You've done all that, and then this hits...

What would you wear?

I've kept an eye on the weather for awhile and I had hoped that the rain would simply be pushed back to Sunday night and Monday, but so far no luck.  I have to face the fact that it's going to be not only a cold but a rainy and windy marathon.  Ugh!!  I had not prepared for this.


I'm honestly considering wrapping myself in garbage bags.  I do not currently have a waterproof running jacket.  I've run many times with my feet soaked, so I'm ok with that, but the entire body being wet for hopefully only 3.5 hours was not in the plan.

I'm taking all suggestions!!


1.  Have you run races in adverse weather?
I've been very lucky so far.  Aside from one Olympic Tri in 2010, I've had good weather for every race I've raced.

2.  What would you wear for a marathon in rainy, windy, 35 degree weather?
Are there good running rain jackets?  Should I simply grab the garbage bags?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


Runners Fuel said...

I've run in (California) cold and rain, but nothing like that. Good luck!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

With those temps, I would "think" the chances are for snow more so than rain. Do you have any rain running gear?

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I was totally going to recommend garbage bags! Or I saw some rain ponchos at a Staples for $1 each that way you can ditch 'em if necessary. Also layers that you can ditch like from Goodwill. Good Luck! Stay warm!

Coy Martinez said...

I've run an entire marathon in a 50 degree downpour but I'm still no expert. For me, I would see if I could find a Nike jacket that is made for running yet keeping the wet out. I have 2 Nike jackets that I run in and I love them both.


At my age, I have seen everything.
Houston Marathon one year was 35 and sleet/rain.
Wear wicking type gear all around, no cotton. Long pants if you have them... same on top. Cover your ears with something warm. Same for your hands. Use a nice trash bag to shield you from the weather. If it stops raining you can shit can the bag... better than carrying the rain jacket.
Lastly, I hope you have quick laces on your shoes.... no way in hell to fix a flat tire on your shoes laces with frozen fingers...

Have fun!

Karen said...

Hmmm. Tough one! I think I know how to dress for warmth but a fending off cold and rain? ick. I would think maybe add some kind of rain jacket/trash bag/something just to keep from being soaking wet and freezing cold.

Erika said...

Garbage bag. And if u can have a plan to get dry gloves at least midway thru....either by family or carrying them in a zip lock. I did a 30k race an lost all feeling and motor function in one hand in similar weather..... Good luck. Just remember...fuck time, enjoy the race.....good luck

Miles of the Journey said...

Seattle Marathon...36, windy, and pouring down rain all but the first 30 minutes of the marathon. Brutal. I had lived in South Texas just before this and I keep trying to visualize the heat and humidity of South Texas. Afterwards I was so cold, I shivered for a couple hours back at the hotel, even after a hot bath.

I would go with the jacket. If you get wet, and you probably will, it will be a layered wetness.

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

one word - BODYGLIDE. on your feet, neck and anywhere your wet clothing will be rubbing against your skin

also, i would wear a hat to protect your head from heat loss, running gloves, long pants and splurge on a running jacket. if it gets too hot you can tie it around your waist. i couldn't imagine running in a garbage bag for several hours

it's all about pace said...

39F and windy on this day:

a picture of what I wore at the bottom of the post. I stripped a throwaway LS shirt at mile 2.

I run well when I'm cold... I'm not happy about it but I perform. You are running amarathon for time. no sense making yourself sweat more... or giving yourself stuff to carry