Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pearl Izumi Project EMotion - Store Info & Stack Heights

After last weekend's Bikram Yoga class, I swung by the local Fleet Feet store to see what they might know about the new Pearl Izumi Project E:Motion line.  Remember my panic post

They knew it all!

Ok, not everything, but more than I did.  Here's what I found out.

  • The shoes will be released this month, but there is no set date.  
  • The previous line's stock is simply at a "what's left" status; production has ceased.
  • Due to the dynamic offset in the midsole, the company has not stated how thick the toe and heel stack are because they claim it changes depending on the position of your foot.  
    • This didn't make sense to me and the guys at the shop agreed.  They thought it was a fancy way for the company to come across as "cool" and "technological."
  • In order to compare the drop to other shoes, these guys told me to look at the stated drop at the mid-stride position. 
  • The N1 will most closely resemble the Streak II in stack height and feel.
  • The N1 has a 4.5mm drop which is much smaller than the 9-10mm drop of the Streak IIs.  I like that.

Then this morning, I went to the same Fleet Feet for a speed workout and while doing our warmup, I noticed one of the guys running in the N2 Road shoes.  Obviously, I caught up to him and struck up a conversation.  He liked them, but had no comparison to the Streak IIs.  Luckily, the speed workout is run by the store's shoe guru, so we asked him for his opinion.  Here's what he had to say...

  • Expected release this coming week
    • RunningWarehouse and reviewers have mentioned that the release was pushed to March/April.
    • has the shoes on pre-order with an expected shipping date of March 1st.
  • No drain holes in the EM Road
    • EM Tri should have drain holes. 
  • Increased stack height for the entire line.  This will make them stiffer. 
  • The N1 will be the closest resemblance to the Streak IIs. 
  • The N2 will have thicker soles than the N1 and be a much stiffer shoe. 
  • All of the shoes are based on the same sole and body style, so even though they will only be carrying select shoes in the line, if you fit one, you will fit the others.  The only difference will be the sole thickness and small changes in the uppers construction (but using the same materials). 

I have also found a reviewer who happened to be able to find the stack heights of the N1/2 Road and Trail shoes.  You can find his post HERE.   I can't say they're verified numbers, but according to him, here are the stack heights. 

  • EM N1 Road/Tri - 19mm heel, 18mm toe = 1mm drop with 4.5mm dynamic offset
  • EM N2 Road/Tri - 23mm heel, 19mm toe = 4mm drop with 7.5mm dynamic offset
  • EM M3/H3 Road - 25mm heel, 21mm toe = 4mm drop with 7.5mm dynamic offset
  • EM N1 Trail - 19.7 heel, 18.7mm toe = 1mm drop with 4.5mm dynamic offset
  • EM N2/M3 Trail - 24.5mm heel, 20.5mm toe = 4mm drop with 7.5mm dynamic offset

I attempted to contact the Pearl Izumi customer service department for more detailed information, but haven't heard anything back.  I was also contacted by a Dealer Service Representative after writing the previous post thanking me for writing about my experience with their shoes.  I responded asking if they had certain information, but I have not heard back as of yet.

I will let you know if I find out any more information.

At this point, here are my questions, thoughts, and opinion for Pearl Izumi
  •  When is the release date?
    • If it's February, I should have enough time to test them out and still possibly snag a pair of Streak IIs if needed.  
    • If it's going to be later, I need to snag a pair of Streak IIs ASAP.
  • Are the stack heights above correct?
    • At this point, I know they're thicker, but how much?


1.  How many different models of shoes have you been through over the years?
The Pearls are my 5th model.  The triathlon versions are my 6th if we count that as a difference.

2.  What are you up to this weekend?  Anything fun?
I had my first speed workout this morning and loved it!  Great way to stay motivated and up my intensity at the same time. 

3.  Have you been to the grocery store today?
They are PACKED!!  Good thing I didn't need any chips, soda, wings, or pizza!  It was fighting room only.  Thankfully the produce section was not on everyone's Superbowl priority list.

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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