Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Thoughts on Winter Running Shoes

As you may have read, I ran 18.5 miles on Saturday while most of CT was working on uncovering themselves from Nemo.  What an AWESOME run!  Though, I do wish I can snow shoes.  I could have made it much more of an adventure with snow shoes!!

This morning, I planned on running another 8 miles, but cut it short at 5.8 due to bad traffic on already bad roads.  It seems a lot of people are eager to get back to work.

And between those two runs, I've come to a realization...

Drain holes lose their functionality in the winter months.

See those holes in the bottom of the shoes?

I know I've praised Pearl Izumi for the drain holes in their Streak II shoes and recently pointed out that the new Project Emotion Road shoes no longer have said drain holes.  But I'm willing to amend my thoughts on the subject to this...

I appreciate and desire drain holes in my running shoes during the late-spring to mid-fall time frame, however, I have come to realize that these holes become annoying during winter runs.

There!  I said it.  I'm willing now to look at a new pair of shoes for winter running.  My feet have avoided becoming cold during my winter runs, but I don't like having them get soaked due to the slush on the roads. 


1.  Do you wear different shoes in the winter vs summer?
I've always worn the same shoes in both seasons.  Now, however, I appreciate the difference in the elements.

2.  How often do you switch running shoes?
I just recently realized that I've only had two pairs since November 2011 and have run easily over 1000 miles in them all together.  With only a 9mm toe stack, I'm impressed with their longevity!

3.  Does snow, rain, or slush keep you from running?
It may make me pause before I head out the door, but I'm out in it either way.

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Trail shoes work better in the winter, with the catch gripping bottoms