Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Race Preview & Most Awesome Street Name Ever Award

It is currently...  91 degrees.

Holy balls that's hot!

I got up early today to go check out the bike and run course for my Oly tri this weekend, the Litchfield Hills Triathlon.  This was my second Oly ever back in 2010, but I didn't quite recall how most of the course went, so I decided to ride it to be familiar.

The race is at a town park and starts off on small back roads.  The first four miles are rolling, but with the downhills, the ups shouldn't be a problem on race day.  You hit one screaming downhill right before the first turn.  Then we have 10 miles on a single road.  Thankfully, it's 8 miles of downhill (I would guess I averaged about 28 mph on the stretch) and then 2 miles of small uphill.  The next two miles are a gradual uphill (my least favorite type of road to ride on).  Then we have two more miles of generally flat road until we turn back onto back roads.  The next four miles are very bumpy (not TT bike friendly) and rolling before we get to the monster of the bike course.  At mile 22.5 miles into the 25 mile course, the cue sheet says "take a left and continue for two miles (mostly uphill)."  They're not joking.  I can usually manage 9-11 mph up most hills without a big problem.  Peeking down, I was at about 6 mph for half of those last two miles.  Thankfully, you get a good downhill after cresting the last hill and then a small incline coming back up to transition.

I finished the preview at 1:24:28.  Granted, I didn't time myself from where the transition timing mat will be up on the lawn, but that's roughly 3 minutes slower than my 2010 race time.  Looks like I'm primed for an easy PR here.  Might have to calculate out some goals.


The most awesome street name ever award goes to...

Satan's Kingdom Road

I passed the street sign during the ride today and couldn't help but laugh.  Apparently it leads directly to Satan's Kingdom State Recreation Area.  I might have to get over there to check it out some time. 


1.  Is anyone else having a heat wave this week?

2.  What is your perfect racing weather (specify the race type)?
Road races I prefer mid-50's to 60.  Triathlons I prefer 65-70.  This weekend is supposed to be in the mid-80s (way too hot).  More aid station water might end on my head than in my mouth.

 Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard.  

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Bron said...

That is a pretty cool street name!

Personally. Like cooler weather, but without a breeze, I'd even prefer rain to wind!