Thursday, May 17, 2012

My New Puddle Splashers!

Have you ever thought "Oh-Man!  I have to wash my running socks already?!"  Have you ever run shortly after a rain remember the good ol' days of splashing in puddles as you do your best to jump over or around them?

Well, those days are over!!  
Introducing the revolutionary new running shoe...

Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions (aka, Puddle Splashers)

Yesterday, I took my new Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions out for their virgin run.  I did an easy two miles out and back to see how they felt.  They felt great, so I did another three mile out and back.

The two greatest things I like about these shoes thus far are the drain holes on the bottom and the fact that I can go without socks.

I've long wondered how people can just pour cup after cup after cup of water on themselves during a race.  I understand it keeps you cool, but from sweat alone my shoes can get soaked and start feeling like bricks.  Those days are gone!  During the run, I actually did my best to HIT every puddle because it cooled my feet off a bit and within four steps, the water was gone.  Incredible!!  Bring on the buckets of water!!

I also love that I can run without socks.  Not only does this mean that I can cut time on my transitions, but if I choose to train in the ISOs, I can avoid having to do laundry so often.  Honestly, 90% of the reason I decide to do laundry when I do is because I need clean running socks.  Since I still shudder at paying so much for these shoes, I may very well reserve them more for racing, but they will still always be an option.  My PI Streak IIs also have drain holes for rainy day runs.

Then today, I did my first brick - 13 mile ride & 8 mile run.  I used the ISO Transitions for both and while they're certainly not the ideal cycling shoe, they held up brilliantly on the run at 6:52 pace.  Aside from my debate of what to wear cycling (the ISOs or an old pair or sneakers), I can't wait for the season to start! 

** Disclaimer **
Some of you might scoff at the idea of running 12 miles in two days in new shoes.  I want to let you know that I've run in the Pearl Izumi Streak IIs since January and aside from a slight change in upper material, the ISO Transitions are the same shoe - same sole material, same heel-to-toe drop, etc.  If this were not the case, I would have started much slower.  


1.  Do you have a triathlon specific running shoe?
These are my first and I love 'em!

2.  What do you use for cycling in?  A cycling shoe or your running shoes?
Do you really notice THAT much of a difference with cycling shoes?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Jenny Davidson said...

I think the cycling shoes are essential. (I occasionally do a spin class in sneakers, if I forgot my bike shoes - it makes my feet hurt, and power is noticeably less!) Both the stiff surface and the effective connection of the cleat make an appreciable difference to power - I think you could expect to gain as much as a couple miles per hour with clipless pedals. (NB I use SPD - they are probably slightly inferior to Look, but I don't like the slippery soles of the classic road bike shoe, I prefer the MTB style and figure that I don't care that much if they might be a little slower...)


The thought of no socks scares me. So much so that I will sit down in transition and pull up compression socks. But then again, socks are kind of my thing.

Jenny Davidson said...

Will also add that I never wear socks with cycling shoes, simply not necessary! Sock-free is desirable...

Fat for a Triathlete said...

Definitely make the change to cycling shoes and clips. Heaps better & easier in transition as well. You know, as long as you practise the Superman mount with your shoes connected to the bike...

I don't wear socks running if it's 5km or less.
Over that, I'm putting socks on in T2!