Sunday, March 11, 2012

Training Week Review (03/05 - 03/11)

This is recovery week #2.  

Swim - 1500 yds (0.85 miles)
That's an infinite percentage over all the time combined from the new year until now!

Bike - 47.9 miles in 2:00:46 at an average 22.48 mph
29% increase in weekly mileage (should have been higher)
33% increase in time spent in the saddle (should have been higher)
2.7% decrease in average speed

Run - 17.11 miles in 2:08:16 at an average 7:30 pace
10% decrease in weekly mileage
6.7% decrease in time spent running
4.2% decrease in average pace


11.11 miles in 30:17 at 22.02 mph

2.94 miles in 22:43 at 7:44 pace


WU: Spin Bike

3 Rounds...
Plank - 1:00
10x 5s hip extension
Plank Touch (10 for each side)
McGill Crunch (10 on each side)
Plank Opposites (10 on each side)

4.18 miles in 30:37 at 7:19 pace

** I had planned a Crossfit workout for after my run,
but I felt empty afterwards.
So given the recovery week status, I called it quits.  **


11.21 miles in 30:14 at 22.25 mph


3.86 miles in 25:45 at 6:40 pace

** I was supposed to bike Thursday,
but as you saw HERE, I couldn't help myself.
It was 62 degrees and I couldn't in good conscience give that opportunity up.  **



5 Rounds...
10x Clean Squat Thrust (75lb)
10x Pushup
400m Run

R1 - 2:58
R2 - 3:17
R3 - 3:15
R4 - 3:18
R5 - 3:39
TOTAL - 16:29


25.58 miles in 1:00:15 miles at 25.42 mph



1500 yards

500 yd - Alternating Free, Back, Breast
5x 100 IM
1-4 Pyramid (1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1)

6.13 miles in 49:11 at 8:01 pace

** My goal for this run was to hit my Ironman goal pace, 8:00.
I was surprised how much I had to slow myself down.  
It became a very 'mental coach' run, 
but I did pretty well and the run felt easy (yay!).

Now I just have to quadruple the distance 
and match the pace after 2.4 mile swim and a 112 miles on the bike and I'll be set.
Here's to big dreams! **


1.  How was your training week?  
Recovery weeks seem to become a 'Train on the fly' type of schedule, but it was still a decent week.  I'm happy about having swimming back in the equation. 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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Coy Martinez said...

Hey listen, if there's a nice day and it's sandwiched in between some cold days, if biking isnt on the schedule, I'm putting it on myself!