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REVIEW & Giveaway: Road ID

Over the last two weeks I've had a review on Monday, so I thought "Why break the cycle?"  Today I've actually got a few products all from a company I believe most of us know by name...

Despite their popularity, however, I'd still like to give you guys an insight into how Road ID got started.  When you get a package from Road ID in the mail, they send you a short comic that I think explains their premise better than I could ever explain it. 

Road ID has seven main products, six of which revolve around the idea of providing your identification with an engraved piece of stainless steel like that pictured below. 

These metal plates can be attached to the Wrist ID Sport, Wrist ID Elite, Wrist ID Slim, Ankle ID, Shoe ID, and Shoe Pouch ID.  The Fixx ID is a dog tag style ID that is engraved itself.  Therefore, Road ID has a form of identification for every type of athlete and person.

The metal plate, as indicated, is engraveable with your name, emergency contact numbers,  relevant medical information, and even your own saying or mantra.  However, many people have changes to such information over their lifetime.  Therefore, Road ID offers two options for each ID product, the Original and Interactive Versions.  See a comparison HERE.  The Interactive version limits your lines of engraving but offers an online profile for you to update over time. 

And you know what's really cool?  Road ID even dares you to challenge the durability of the stainless steel ID Tag.  "...the ID tag (the stainless steel part of the ID) has a lifetime guarantee. If you are tough enough to wear your Road ID out, then we will replace it at no charge. I challenge you to destroy them (through natural wear - gunshots and hand grenades don't count)."  How cool is that?

That's basically it.  

"Our dream is to see the day where wearing ID 
is as common among athletes 
as wearing a seatbelt is among motorists." 

Onto the Review!



Thanks to the amazing guys at Outside PR, I had the opportunity to review three Road ID products, the Ankle ID, Wrist ID Sport, and Shoe ID

What Road ID says about their products


Just strap her on and go. The Ankle ID is constructed of comfortable and flexible neoprene. We designed her to stand the test of time - but not interfere with your natural physical movement. Like all our IDs, the Ankle ID can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. The closure system is Velcro and is fully adjustable so that one size fits all (fits ankles up to 11.5"). It comes standard with a 3M reflective stripe to enhance your visibility when training in the dark. The Ankle ID is available in 4 colors and both Original and Interactive versions.

Materials 1. The comfortable part that goes against the skin is neoprene.
2. The closure system is velcro.
3. Elastic holds the ID tag to the band.
4. The silver stripe is highly reflective 3M Scotchlite
Width 1 inch

Wrist ID Sport

The Wrist ID Sport is a convenient and sporty way to incorporate ID into your athletic gear. The Wrist ID Sport is fully adjustable and comes in three sizes: Small (fits WRISTs 5.5" - 6.25"), Medium-Large (fits WRISTs 6.25" - 8.0"), and Extra-Large (fits WRISTs over 8.0"). Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink and Purple, the Wrist ID Sport is not only practical, but stylish as well. It is available in both Original and Interactive versions. Order your personalized Wrist ID Sport today and "Be seen wearing it!"

Materials 1. The comfortable part that goes against the skin is nylon webbing.
2. The closure system is velcro.
3. Elastic holds the ID tag to the band
4. Rubber is used on the "tab" part of the closure system
5. The two silver stripes are highly reflective 3M Sctochlite
Width 1 inch

Shoe ID

Lightweight and durable, the popular Shoe ID can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. You can simply strap this sexy little fella on your running, walking or cycling shoe. Then, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having ID every time you step out the door. It’s made of durable stainless steel and attaches to your shoe with a small Velcro strap. The strap comes standard with a 3M reflective stripe to enhance your visibility when training in the dark. The Shoe ID is available in three colors and both Original and Interactive versions.

Materials 1. The strap is made of velcro.
2. The silver stripe is highly reflective 3M Scotchlite.
Width 5/8 inch (.625 inch)
Length 3 inches

What I thought About Their Products

Abridged Version

Ankle ID

                                          Pros                                                                Cons
                VERY Comfortable Material (neoprene)                Does take 5-10 minutes to dry
                  Easier for me to wear than a bracelet          Taking it on/off when wearing compression socks
                            Reflective band (safety)                                     Limited Color Options
                       Can accommodate timing chip               Not as noticeable when wearing tights or pants

Wrist ID Sport

                                          Pros                                                                Cons
                                Easy to adjust size                                               Soaks up sweat
                 Plenty of material to wear tight or loose                     Does take 5-10 minutes to dry
                              Lots of color choices
                      Can wear it 24/7 with no worry
                    Conversation starter (it really is!!)

Shoe ID

                                          Pros                                                                Cons
                        No bother to wrists or ankles                                      Limited color choices
                         (Great for non-jewelry wearers)                               Not as noticeable as the above two
                                 Absolutely silent                                     Remember to switch between shoes
                   You never notice it (so light weight)

Unabridged Version

Ankle ID
- Why did I start out with the Ankle ID?  I don't wear jewelry; I've never been to wear anything beyond sewing floss bracelets.  I figured since I wear anklet timing chips during triathlons, the Ankle ID would be the best bet as an ID form that I'd be able to wear 24/7. 

- Extremely comfortable.  The neoprene material is beyond comfort and even if it rubs against your skin because it's a little loose, you will never have any rubbing effects because it's so soft.

- Adjustments.  The velcro fastening system goes all the way around the ankle, so it takes a bit of patience to adjust unlike the Wrist ID and Shoe ID.  After wearing the Ankle ID for some time during runs, cycling, swimming, and all around 24/7, the only real downside is the necessity to take it on/off when I put on compression socks.  Now that it's summer, that isn't an issue, but come next winter, that will be an issue again.  That is why I went ahead an tested out the Wrist ID Sport.

- Triathlete bonus!  For triathletes out there (at least in my experience), the Ankle ID can accommodate ankle timing chips, so come race day, you can simply strap the chip onto your Ankle ID and not have to worry about the condition of the specific strap that they're going to randomly give you. 

Wrist ID Sport
 - Why did I get the Wrist ID Sport?  I figured the Ankle ID may be annoying at times (when I have to take it on/off) and a wrist bracelet may be more noticeable to first responders. 

- Bright color.  This is the first thing I noticed out of the package.  I got purple and it was much brighter than I had assumed it'd be.  In the end, I'm glad.  I like the color as well as the range of color options.

- Width.  The second thought out of package I had was that it was quite wide.  I had expected it to be thinner, but at 1 inch, it is a rather bulky bracelet.  At least in my mind (the mind of a non-jewelry wearer) it seems bulky.  However, over time, you really do get used to it and it has never been a bother.

- Adjustments.  Compared to the Ankle ID, the Wrist ID Sport is extremely easy to adjust.  I often tighten it before swimming and will loosen it afterwards or during a run to accommodate the warm weather.  It's VERY easy and you can do it on-the-run (literally) with ease the very first time!

- Material.  The material is rather comfortable, but not as much as the neoprene of the Ankle ID.  Both do absorb sweat, but since you have no worry of getting it wet, just wear it in the shower and it's all clean!  When I first opened the package, the material seems quite stiff, but after five minutes, it became completely malleable.  So don't worry if you think it seems stiff at first. 

Shoe ID
- Why did I get the Shoe ID?  As a non-jewelry wearer, I was originally intrigued by the Shoe ID.  Given my original experience with a previous shoe pouch, I didn't like the idea of something clunking around on my shoe, so I steered clear.  However, after looking more into it, I figured the Shoe ID (not Shoe Pouch ID) was worth a try, so I ordered just the strap.  I can take the ID metal off of either of the above IDs to exchange it.  

- That's it?!  That was my first thought.  This thing is small (length = 3 inches).  So don't expect people to notice it right away.  Part of me worries that a first responder wouldn't notice it as easily, but I have not asked one to test that thought.  (Anyone know a first responder to ask?)

- Did it come off?  The first couple times I ran with this on, I caught myself looking down to see if it was still there.  You don't hear or feel it at all which is awesome, but surprised me at first.

- Forget it at home.  If you switch shoes at any rate, you have to ask yourself if you'll remember to switch the Shoe ID over.  I've only left it home once because of forgetting to do so, but I also don't switch my shoes too often. 

- Not a 24/7 ID Solution.  The Shoe ID is great... while you're wearing shoes.  For barefoot runners, this obviously is not often at all.  For the rest of us, there are times during the day when you don't have shoes on and plenty of times when you might have shoes on that you wouldn't strap the ID to anyways.  So in my mind, if you're looking for an ID to wear while out on your workouts (minus swimming), then the Shoe ID is great.  For those who prefer 24/7 ID (me), the Shoe ID is not my suggestion.

As a triathlete who is looking for a wearable form for 24/7 ID, my personal preference goes to either the Wrist ID Sport or Ankle ID.  Despite my history of not jewelry wearing, I believe the Wrist ID Sport will be my all-year solution while the Ankle ID is much more of a summer weather solution given that I do wear compression socks from time to time.  However, I acknowledge that each product has its own benefits and very limited downsides (unless you're extremely picky on color matching your outfit!). 


Join the ranks of Dean Karnazes, Craig Alexander, Levi Leipheimer, Bob Roll, Liz Hatch, George Hincapie, and Scott Nydham and own your own Road ID piece of mind today!

Team Road ID

Check out each of the athlete's profiles HERE.

Use the below code at get $1.00 off your Road ID order today at



Win your own Road ID

Here's your chance to own your own Road ID product of choice.  Do you really like the Wrist ID Sport or maybe prefer the rubber Elite or Slim versions?  Maybe you think the Ankle ID is your best fit?  Well, I, the guys and Road ID, and Outside PR, want to give you guys the chance to race, train, and be SAFE this summer.  So here's your chance!

How to Enter:  (Max of 6 Entries)

You may include all of your entries in one comment or separate them as you see fit.

- Be a follower of this blog, Becoming An Ironman.  (1 entry)

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-  Blog, Tweet, or Facebook post about this giveaway (including a link) and Road ID's general awesomeness.  (1 entry for each)

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** Giveaway will run until 12:00 PM Noon Wednesday, June 8th.  
The winner will be chosen via **

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay Safe. 


Unknown said...

I have both the regular Wrist strap road Id and the newer Slim one. The slim one is new and is made of silicone. I like it because it doesn't stay wet for long.
I am a follower of your blog and have been a follower of Road ID as well.
IMO- I wouldn't get the interactive one because too many medics do not know how to use it. Just name, DOB, allergies and contact number is on mine!!

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As a side note, awesome blog! I used to live in CT, and I also went to grad school for cell biology there. Pure research didn't make me happy and I am working at a non-profit I love. Do what makes you happy! A lot of people in the sciences aren't. Now I am an aspiring triathlete! Did my first indoor tri last week, will blog about it soon.

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