Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Workout Thoughts

As we all know, when we work out, we have some VERY odd and random thoughts.  Today I was in the saddle for two hours and forty minutes, so I had plenty of them.  I thought I'd share a few...

(At AutoZone...)
I bet these guys wonder if I even have a car. 

Why is everyone wearing purple?

"Close for private event."  Hmmm...  I wonder if I could just walk in.

Liquor store sign - "Free Delivery."  
Lyndon would have that delivered!  I should let him know about that.

Multiple verses of... 
"I'm a psyyyyyychooooo.  I'm a psyyyyychooooo.  Who rides 40+ miles in their free time for fun?  Me!..."

HAHAHAHAHA  This is gonna' be a b*#@&!!!!  HAHAHAHA
( I was zipping down a hill at 35 mph thinking about my return trip)

I just got passed by a boat!  Haha  
Got passed by a boat.  Got passed by a boat.  Everyone look at me 'cause I just got passed by a boat!
(to the tune of "I'm on a boat" by Lonely Island)

Is there a scooter parade I didn't know about?!
 How many scooters did they make this year?

The bike you ride should be according to how fast you are.  Yes, it should.
Therefore, you need to give me your bike.

Dead Squirrel!  Oh, Amanda.


PS.  Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone, but if you're really good, I'll have a review and my very first giveaway for you tomorrow!


1.  Do you have any good random workout thoughts from this weekend or the past?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Unknown said...

LOL! I love reading random thoughts that people have while working out. I often don't remember mine. I love the "I got passed by a boat!" hahaha. Speaking of scooters, I think roller blading is coming back because I saw 10 on my ride the other day. Yes, 10!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

hahaha I love this. I think all of us have random thoughts. Today mine were, "WHY IS IT SO HOT?" and "how are those people not dripping sweat?" "Is there anywhere I'm NOT sweating??" lol. I need to get used to the heat!

Scott Cannon said...

I was doing a swim workout in my college pool and at one end there was a foul sewer smell. Every time I took a breath at that end, I regretted it. I happened to be the only one in the water at the time, but there were people at the sidelines. I was hoping they didn't think I was the cause of the smell.

When on my bike I frequently pass over a creek bed. I never notice that there are tiny flies in that area until I look down at my shirt and see that I have collided with hundreds of them. I continue to ride along, wondering how I'm going to get bug guts off my shirt.

Aimee said...

Ha ha..isn't it funny the things we think of while we're doing long rides/runs?! :)

Run with Jess said...

Funny thoughts!!
While running the trail on Fri morning, I thought it was rather odd that there were more senior citizens on the fitness trail than anyone else? Literally I was the only one under the age of 60...

Fat for a Triathlete said...

I do that all the time, even just on my drive to work...

"I smell donuts"

"I wonder why that man sits on his deck chair, in a hi vis top with a beer EVERY thing morning? Does he just watch traffic?"
(Proceed to make up life story for said man....)

Oh dear ;)

Matthew Smith said...

Funny and random thoughts. I have those too so many times. Thanks for sharing!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha Ahhhh! So j was just reading along, minding my own business then BAM! Dead squirell!! I totally cracked up!! Literally laughed out loud!! At least you didn't run over it! Or did you (giving you my one eyebrow raised head titled mom look)??

And you got passed by a boat?? How does that even happen?

Funny thoughts! Now just add 16 more miles! Can't wait to hear that goes!

Unknown said...

My thoughts always wander during rides, but I usually can't remember them. Will have to try next time!

Samantha said...

hahaha! I have random thoughts all the time too. I often write blog posts in my head while I'm running.

The hill comment had me laughing :)

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

I had some very random thoughts while running the other day to the tune of:

"I'm gonna get hit by a bus.... I'm gonna get hit by a bus"

"That's the third condom wrapper I've seen on this road.... I don't know whether to be jealous or grossed out"

"I cannot really feel my feet anymore... is that bad?"

"I wonder what it would be like to run on the moon.... or another planet..."

TriGirl said...

Those were random indeed! My mind always wanders on my workouts...that's how I end up with blog posts!

Richelle said...

I have lots of random thoughts, too. Perhaps your giveaway prize could be awarded to the blogger with the best random thought while running/biking/swimming.