Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Some people talk about how difficult it is to find time for the marathon training 
and the things they have to give up.

Some people talk about how much pain and anguish they have to go through 
on race day to make it to the finish line.

Some people talk about post-marathon depression t
hat they get when they realize they nothing left to train for.

F* That!  Training is freakin' fun.  Race day may have it's pains, but I enjoy pushing through the temporary pain knowing I'll revel in the finish forever.  And thus far, there is no post-marathon depression.  I knew this was my last race of the season and that I was going to take time off.  You know what I would like to complain about though?  Post-marathon GI issues.

The worst part about the marathon is that my body was screaming for food after I finished, but I didn't have a taste for anything.  Banana, nope!  Apple Crisp?, nah!  Tomato soup?, surely no!  Wheaties Fuel?, maybe... oh, wait.  No!  Bagel?.... wrong!  Nothing tasted good.  To be honest, everything I tried tasted bland like my tastebuds were on vacation.  And anything I did bother to get down caused an upset stomach.  Even chocolate milk, my one Go-To! 

I finished my marathon just after 12 noon and it wasn't until almost 5PM that I could manage to get anything down besides water.  And ever since then I've been nursing ginger ale because my stomach is still on weak legs, both literally and figuratively. 

This is a completely new phenomenon because after my half irons, I was able to scarf down anything in sight and I definitely had certain tastes.  I don't know if it's because I had GI issues during the race that I have them still or if it's just because this was a marathon (read: single sport race) as opposed to my triathlons. 


In other post-marathon news, I managed to fool people into thinking I was able to walk normally yesterday.  So I must be getting better!  haha  I've been making ice like a sweat shop factory and doing cold & hot baths.  They've really been helping with the muscle soreness.

I also have been using the marathon to get to know some of my gym members better.  One member ran the half mary the same day.  Another ran in Newport, RI this past Sunday and has run Boston (jealous!) before.  It's fun being a fitness advocate and hearing everyone's stories. 


1.  Have you ever had persistent GI issues post-race?
Ideas on how to manage or cure it?

2.  If you had to choose, what is your least favorite part about a race?
I love to eat and exercise allows me to continue doing a LOT of it.  What I despise is the window where my body says "I don't want to eat" when I know it should be!

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Jenny Davidson said...

Congratulations on the marathon!

I always take 1 tablet of Immodium (i.e. 1/2 full dose, which is 2 tablets) before a running race - I find a hard half-marathon or marathon is very likely to give me GI issues afterwards if not during, and that this can preempt it (and I carry a couple tabs with me to take in case the stomach starts acting up). It can be useful for triathlons too, but it's running that really stirs up the digestive tract, so it's a more important precaution there...

Quix said...

@Jenny, that's brilliant. I need to remember that, I sometimes have tummy issues on training runs (but luckily not normally for races), this would be good insurance...

My least favorite part of the races? Actually signing up and paying. I get really nervous when I actually have to commit and pay and feel like it's tempting fate for me to get sick and/or injured. Also the weekend before when I have to rest and not go out and have fun with friends (doubly for Sunday races and triple for races on Memorial Day and/or Labor Day - who wants to rest all 3 days of a 3 day weekend!). Race day? Love it, love it all.

TriGirl said...

Oh wow, I never really gave much thought to the recovery. i hope your stomach gets back on track soon! The 1/2 immodium sounds kinda brilliant :)