Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lunch of Champions!

We all know what Champions eat for breakfast...

Boxes of processed corn with pictures of Macca on it.  Duh!

But what do they eat for lunch?!  What is the "Lunch of Champions"?  Or do they just stop at breakfast?  Is that all champions eat?  Do they only eat one meal a day or do they just eat three (or more) breakfasts-s a day?  Why has a company not pounced on this possible avenue of marketing?!

Well, if they're sick it might be this:

That's right.  Warhol and I are doing product placement for Campbell's now!  Look for my exhibit coming soon at the MoMA. 


1.  What's your go to meal when you're sick/ill/feeling under the weather?
I'm a fan of chicken noodle soup, tea, ice cream, and anything that can be managed while lying in bed.

2.  What - in your opinion - should be considered the "Lunch of Champions"?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard.


Richelle said...

I eat lots of soup when I'm sick. Chicken noodle is my fave. Hope you feel better soon!

My favorite lunch is a salad.

gina said...

I favor the Lipton version of Noodle soup. It has teeny tiny noodles, good broth and I'm sure a gazillion grams of sodium. Otherwise, I eat just about anything else for lunch.:)

Mike @TheIronYou said...

You made a great point there, you won't go far with processed corn.
I bet that Macca gets organic oatmeal with egg whites (I mean that's what we all do!)
Chicken soup is a pretty good option for lunch but certainly not the canned one. I make my own with real organic chicken and organic veggies.
My fav option is certainly oven roasted turkey slices and raw broccolis...rad!