Thursday, March 31, 2011

Team Awesome


About that video yesterday. 

Oh, did you not see it?  Do you not remember it?  Do you want to watch it again?  Check it out HERE.

Q: What is "Team Awesome"?

A: My co-worker, Kristin @ Bigger Girls Can Run Too and I have been running Girl Scout programs about 20-30 minutes away from where we currently live, so we've spent a good amount of time in the car driving.  During all that time, a plan was hatched and it's name was "Team Awesome."  This plan slowly morphed into the idea that we should video tape our crazy conversations, singing, wild dance parties, and just all together hilarious antics and put it on youtube; million dollar idea right there!!  Filming began a few days ago and what you saw was impromptu video #1.

Q: Why does Team Awesome threaten my life?

A: Ummm...  I'll just refer you to the background of yesterday's video.  As much as I like to say it's a green screen, we don't have that kind of cash flowing around.  Of course, caution is always set towards safety over product, but I acknowledge that everyone would set the bar at a different spot.  I'll knock on wood anyways.

QShould you be concerned?

AOf course!  The most fun is being had in our cars in CT and you're not here to enjoy it.  You should always be concerned about missing out on times like these!

On another note, today has thus far (it's only 2:45 at the moment) been a very productive day!  I stopped by the bike shop, picked up a new piece of tri gear, got another piece of training gear finally working, and am set for all the cold weather Mother Nature can throw at me (we're supposed to get snow yet AGAIN this weekend, so obviously none of us here in CT are very thrilled).  I'll have the run down of today's uber-productive day later today (or if it doesn't show up tonight, Sunday).

Stay tuned for a couple reviews coming soon (early next week).
The items will be revealed tomorrow.
Oh, I can't wait!

1.  How has your day been going so far?  Have you been productive?  What've you gotten done?

2.  What was your first reaction when you saw the video yesterday?  
Did you shriek at my horrible driving?  Did you laugh at my ridiculous dancing?  Did you hit pause 5 seconds in 'cause you were bored? (I wouldn't blame you!)

3.  How has your weather been treating you?
Mother Nature seems to be in complete indecision here - 60's one day, snow the next.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Coy Martinez said...

Holt sh*t that video is funny!! Who cares if you don't know the lyrics, you got the creepy, cemetary dance down!! While driving!

I hate my weather here. I'm ready for a day above 60!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Yes, I worried about your driving...and those on the road around you!!!

My day was BAD. i almost died but thank goodness I'm alive. My beautiful new tri bike is jacked up....I have to take her to the Bike Dr. ASAP. =(

My day was not productive at all, although it started out to be.

CupCake said...

1. My day was utterly fantastic.... not as amazing as yesterday, but I digress....

2. Of course I loved it! I mean, I did some awesome film work there (not).

3. This weather sucks. The end.