Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WANTED: Rest Day

When I wrote out my Ironman training schedule, I set up three week cycles (two weeks build & one week drop back).  When I decided to head to Lake Placid to volunteer, I decided I needed to extend one build phase to be three up, one back.  That went well until Monday.

Week 1 - 9k yd swim, 112 miles bike, 21 miles run
Long Days - 50 mile ride, 12 mile run

Week 2 - 3k yd swim, 118 miles bike, 31 miles run
Long Days - 60 mile ride, 16 mile run

Week 3 - 6k yd swim, 123, miles bike, 30 miles run
Long Days - 70 mile ride, 18 mile run

Everything was going great!  I felt dead after Saturday's 70 mile ride, but ran a strong 7:48 pace on Sunday's 18-miler.  I was psyched!  Then I had Monday to rest! I thought.

Then my car got left at the auto body shop.

Shoot me now!!  Already feeling dead, I rode my bike 11.5 miles to work at 1:00pm in some 90 degree temps.  Then after being on my feet all day, I rode home at 10:30pm.  I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) and attempted running.  Bad idea.  I couldn't even hold my 18-miler pace.  I was officially dead.  But still no car, so I rode to work at high noon and then rode home late again.  

Today I finally have the car back!  Aka, today's my rest day.  Tomorrow's supposed to be a 40 mile ride and track workout.  With the weekend in LP (aka, no workouts), I'm reluctant to give up mileage during the week, but my body really needs rest.  Ugh!

Given the $800 I had to put into my car, I'm trying to be as excited as I can to head up to Lake Placid this weekend to volunteer and sign up for 2013.  I get to sleep while in line Sunday night.  Be jealous!  =P


1.  How often do you get to a point of feeling simply 'out of energy'?
I get there during workouts regularly, but this is the first time I've really felt consistently dead multiple days in a row.

2. What's the earliest you've signed up for a race?
This will be my longest - one full year ahead of time. 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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Coy Martinez said...

Let's see....I've sort of figured out how my body responds to training. I'll train myself into the ground, till I'm just dying for a pillow and the thought of running makes me make a bad face, then I know it's time to rest but then I'll l take almost 3 days off and I come back super strong.

I'm looking at Ironman Arizona in 2013 so I'm a year out too!