Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Final TTT of 2011

Let' see...  What shall we chat about (read: I ramble about while you skim) on this final Thursday of the year.  I comment enough about work to friends, so I'll leave that for another day.  We've got New Year's coming up, but I want to leave that for a separate post.  Hmmm...  Ok, how about this!

2011 Ironman World Championship
For those of you who weren't glued to your computer or tv for 9+ hours on a Saturday back in October watching the live coverage of the race in Kona, it is finally available on Ironman's official youtube account.  Watch the video HERE.  Those of you who DID catch the live coverage I know are obsessed enough to want to watch it again, and again, and again!  It went online on Xmas Eve, but I'm sure plenty of us have been crazy busy since then, so feel free to watch at your own leisure.  Or make up an excuse and skip work to watch it from the comfort of your own trainer on repeat; whatever floats your boat. 

And to answer your question Coy, no I haven't watched it yet, but
I'm planning on queuing it up as soon as I'm done writing this entry!  I still get chills just thinking that I've raced with a number of these triathlete household name pros.  Crazy!!

Blender Smoothies
One of the many great Xmas presents I got this year was a blender.  I got the My Blend blender by Oster

I just used it for the first time this morning and while it sure doesn't make a large quantity, it's compact, powerful, incredibly easy to use, and great for 'On the Go.'  Just fill the BPA free sport bottle with your choice of ingredients, screw on the bladed cap, flip it upside down, press into the base, and blend.  Then lift up, replace the bladed cap with the drink cap and off you go!

Ever since the Paleo experiment, I've been turned away from typical morning foods and meals.  I literally eat more fish and vegetables in the morning that I do cereal, oatmeal, eggs, or anything else.  My plan with the blender is to make smoothies a staple to my AM meals or a great 'On the Go' additive. 

My Ideal Christmas Gift
I posted a question back before Xmas asking "In a perfect world, what would be the ideal gift to find under the tree this year?"  Well, Jess @ Run With Jess was the only one to respond and she had already received her ideal gift, so I honestly have no idea what you guys wanted for Xmas.  So I had no idea what to send you guys!  And maybe that's a good thing.  There's no way I'd be able to send you a treadmill Jess.  I love ya', but that's a bit out of my league.  haha  Hope you're enjoying it!!

Anyways, I said my ideal gift was to have my race fees paid for.  Thanks to my incredibly loving family, as of this week I will be registered for the Beach to Battleship Ironman distance triathlon in October 2012.  I still have to pitch in some myself and I have plenty of other races to officially register for down the road, it sure feels nice not to have to put my entire paycheck towards the registration!  Next up is registering for Rev3 Quassy.  I'm hoping I can put that off 'till I get some birthday presents.  hehe. 


1.  How was your Christmas?
Did you get to see relatives from far away?  Did you have a huge family gathering or a small low key holiday?  Did anyone get a killer present?  Anyone make someone else's year with the present you got them?

2.  No lying!  How many of you went WAY outside of your normal diet?
I know I did!  Bring on the pumpkin pie, egg nog, cookies, chocolates....  

3.  Who has a resolution for 2012?
My resolution(s) is (are) in the works.  Trust me, I'm getting detailed this year with my planning!!  I'll reveal them next week.

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Ironmom (Julie) said...

Congrats on getting signed up for your first Ironman! That's a huge step. I prefer not to comment on my diet these past few weeks. :)

Coy Martinez said...

Confession: I've watched the Kona Ironman 3 times already. I think it's officially reaching obsessive for me. I just love it. That's normal right??

I got $150 on a Visa card to pay for race fees. That'll get about two halves in the bag. I'm on my own for 70.3 Racine. I think it's worth the $225 :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Um, would that be as in Beach to Battleship in NC? Where you freeze your tooooooshie off? Where you have to wear special cold water wet suits? That one???

Should I be so nuts to consider this one? I am eyeing Augusta GA 70.3 in Sept. MUCH much warmer. =)

Matthew Smith said...

Thanks for posting the link to the youtube of IM. I wasn't able to watch it, so that'll be sweet!