Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shift Change

I've been a bad blogger.  Friday HERE was my last post.  Therefore as any blogger does, I must list what has kept me occupied in order to ask for forgiveness.

Let's see...

Friday I worked until 10pm.  
Saturday I had a wedding & reception
(which was awesome)
Given the above activities, I was up late on Saturday.
Sunday I got up early (5:45 AM) to get to work.
After work on Sunday, I went to a friends for dinner.
We ended up watching a miniseries about ghost-zombie-vampire-nazis.
One of us was a little freaked out, so we had to follow that up with Tangled.
You can imagine that this is again keeping me up to a very late hour.
Thankfully I had Monday off.
I spent Monday resting, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.
Tuesday I woke up even earlier (3:45 AM) to be to work.
I switched from the late shift (2-10pm) to the early shift (5am-1pm) this week.
I thought it would be great!
I got out of work on Tuesday with plans to go hiking all afternoon.
It only took three hours to wake up from my accidental nap.
Spent the rest of the day groggy.
I baked what I call eggplant chips.
(They are delicious!!)
Worked the morning shift again today.
Worked out immediately after work in order to avoid a nap killing my day.
Checked out some triathlon bikes at my LBS.
Wrote this list.

So with Saturday packed with festivities, Sunday at work, Monday recovering, and Tuesday trying to keep up, I finally find time today to sit down and say "hi."  Looking ahead, I've got some big news coming next week, so check back for that!  In the mean time, I will probably post this week about tri bikes since I'm looking at possibly getting one (any advice is welcome!). 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

At least its the offseason

Runners Fuel said...

what was that minisries you watched? Seems like it's right up my ally.