Friday, September 20, 2013

One Last Tri for the Season

Tomorrow is the HITS Hunter Mountain race in Hunter, NY.  While I was super excited about it when I signed up, I have to admit that I have been in a state of lack-luster enthusiasm the past week.  After Lake Placid, I have been slim with my triathlon training for a number of reasons; Ironman recovery, dropping FIRMman from the schedule, and switching to marathon training mostly, but also the fact that I've gotten run down the past week with the swings in temperature (it's that time of year again to get colds!).  No matter what, though, I am ready for the challenge!

I've accepted that this is just going to be a fun race though I know I'll have different thoughts once that gun goes off.  But no matter what happens, tomorrow is all for the love of the sport!

And without a doubt, Mr. Mark Wilson and the whole HITS crew will be firing us up pre-race and keeping the fun going all day long!!  HITS may be a small player, but they do well by me!

Here's the quick and dirty down low (Do people use that phrase anymore?  How about 411?)

- Air Temp @ START = 50 degrees F
- Air Temp @ High = 65 degrees F
- Water Temp expectation = 56-61 degrees F
** Trust me, I'm packing plenty of options, including layers! **

- Lots of running; I'm in marathon training!
- 7 swims post-Placid; a total of 8.9 miles with three >1.7 mile swims.
- 6 rides post-Placid, a total of 176.2 miles with one 70.6 mile ride.

- Survive the swim as quickly as possible.  This may be my only race effort due to temps.
- Get dry and stay comfortable on the bike.  I'm shooting about 3:15.
- A 7:00 pace for as long as possible on the run.  This will be a rather perverted marathon training run.
- Enjoy the day.

With that, I am off to pack my bags, make some food, and just relax.  I opted not to stay in Hunter, NY tonight, so I will be up BRIGHT and early tomorrow to leave CT around 3am so that I can get to NY in time to check in pre-race. 

Wish me luck!


1.  How far have you driven or traveled on race day for a race?
This will be the furthest, it's roughly a 2.5 hour drive.  Should be a long enough time to put a dent in another audiobook!!

2.  How long of a race would you be willing to attempt on minimal training?
If I didn't have the marathons coming up, I'd say bump me up to the full distance and just let me have fun lollygagging out there!  I think I can still put together a decent sub-6 hour performance at the half distance.

3.  What is the coldest you're willing to swim, bike, and run at?
Not gonna' lie - if the water temp is truly that cold, I predict I'll swim backstroke most of the race.  I don't know if my face can take that chill!!  I usually don't bike until it hits 60 degrees and even then it's with arm/leg warmers and not far.  I will run well below zero, but that's also with various thermal gear.  

4.  What are you doing this weekend?
Let me live vicariously through your social endeavors!


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ajh said...

I think I've driven close to 4 hours on race day before.