Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Inner Grammar Nazi

The original Grammar Nazi resided in my high school.  She taught English (obviously) and was an absolute stickler on spelling, grammar, and all forms of correct use of the English language.

Your vs. You're
Two vs. Too vs. To
It's vs. Its
Commas where they should be (or shouldn't)
Sloppy, nonfunctional use of adjectives and adverbs
The list goes ON!

And of course, while we all made fun of her for it - hell, we called her The Grammar Nazi - we all now share her views as well as some of her choice antics when we run into instances that would elicit an outcry.

For instance...

I was driving home last week from work when I pulled up behind this truck that obviously belongs to the owner of the motorcycle shop that it advertises.  However, I was intrigued by one of the items they offer...

I literally busted out laughing and I hope the people in the car next to me questioned what it was the whole way home.  Do you see it?  At the top right.  They offer "Apperal."  I'm half tempted to go to the shop and ask where their Apperal is though I'd have to completely accentuate the pronunciation; App-er-AAAAAaaal.  I have a feeling they wouldn't get it.

But it bugs me.  That is on the truck permanently and while I'm sure it is a stand up shop, the simple misspelling lowers my thought of them.  I'd honestly prefer to go somewhere where they spell their ads correctly.  Is that bad?

That then reminded me of another misspelling I've seen.  ...many times.

This is the screen that pops up just after you're done pumping gas at one of the stations I go to after work.  It still cracks me up!!  The only redeeming quality of seeing this screen is that the guy who tends to work the later shift is so ridiculously nice and perky that I enjoy seeing him.


I have no athletic update today because I took the day off.  My joints needed a rest and I'm letting my mental game enjoy it!


1.  Do you have an inner Grammar Nazi?
Is there any part of altered writing that bothers you?

2.  Do you have any funny sightings of misspellings or incorrect grammar?

3.  Would a misspelled sign, ad, or the like deter you from going to a store?
There are plenty of things that could override a misspelling, but yes, I would still be deterred to a degree. 



Joe Autuoro said...
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stephen gordon said...

I would probably use the motorcycle shop, but not the shop that put the decals on.....

ajh said...

A big grammar nazi. My least favorite to see is your/you're. I hate to say it but I see fellow teachers miss that up. Not okay. I hate lightening for lightning. There are so many people misuse on a regular basis. I do think it is particularly bad when businesses do it wrong. There was a store (out of business now) that had a sign about sandwitches for sale.

ajh said...

Oops - mess that up, not miss.