Monday, September 2, 2013

A LOOK BACK: August 2013

Total Swum:  11,674Yards (6.63 Miles)
Total Biked:  105.6 Miles 
Total Run:  71.83 Miles
Total Strength:  12 Workouts
Total Yoga:  0 Sessions

Greatest weekly swim mileage:  4668 Yards (2.65 Miles)
Greatest weekly bike mileage:  69.41 Miles
Greatest weekly run mileage:   32.67 Miles
Greatest weekly no. of strength training sessions:  3 Workouts

Average bed time:  10:10 pm (21 minutes earlier than July)
Average time to get up:  6:15 am (34 minutes later than July)
Average amount of sleep:  8:06 (nearly 53 minutes more per night than July!!)
Average RHR:  49.0 bpm (1.9 lower than July)

** MUCH better sleep data this month than last.  I function so much better with more sleep!

Monthly Goal - Unofficial Prep for Vegetarian
Though I haven't gone into it much, September is going to be Vegetarian for me, so August was a prep month; ridding the kitchen of meat products, looking into alternative meals, and such.  So far, I feel pretty well prepared.  More on this to come!

2013 Racing Resolutions
  1. Race 12 races throughout the year - 14 races completed!
  2. Break my 5k PR (currently 19:30 from 2010) - Completed! 17:37 at the Sandy Hook 5k!
  3. Run my 3rd Half Marathon - Completed Colchester Half Marathon
  4. Run my 2nd Marathon (for time) - Completed Hyannis Marathon in 3:18:17
  5. Run back-to-back marathons - I'm registered for Hartford & Newport in October
  6. Race an ultramarathon
    1. Run a 50k - WMAC Fatass 50k in December
    2. Run a 50 miler - JFK 50 in November
  7. Break my Lake T Sprint PR (58:06) - 57:56 on June 20th
  8. Race an Olympic Tri - Litchfield Hills Oly in July
  9. Race Two Half Irons - Raced Rev3 Quassy & HITS North County in June.  HITS Hunter Mountain is in September.
  10. Race an Ironman - IM Lake Placid in July
  11. Race a new event (i.e. Spartan Race)
2013 Training Resolutions
  1. Ride a double century (200 miles) - I might have to throw in the towel on this one.
  2. Once started, maintain at least one swim, one bike, and one run each week - The transition to marathon training has caused me to be quite lax on swimming and biking despite the 70.3 coming up at the end of next month.
  3. Maintain strength training sessions throughout the year - Success!
  4. Make use of group training sessions - I've kept using the Friday night OWS group and the Thursday night track workouts.
  5. Do not ignore recovery - Lots of cold baths!!
  6. Maintain data log - Success!
2013 Personal Resolutions
  1. Do 12 things that scare me throughout the year - Still only one down!
    1. #1 - went on my first date in three years (don't expect a blog entry about this one)
    • I am taking any suggestions!!
  2. Obtain a 2nd coaching position - I am currently coaching/training 4 clients, running two studio classes / week, and have a fall/winter training program started.
  3. Make time to visit my sister in PA.  This one's looking harder every month.
  4. Compile and keep a list of recipes / meal ideas - The Recipe Book tab is underway!  I'm trying to post a new recipe on Fridays.  I've slacked recently.
  5. Continue eating healthy - I've prepped myself for going vegetarian in September. 
  6. Continue cooking from home - Success!
  7. Continue personal reading - Currently reading Wheat Belly by William Davis and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.
  8. Put 10% 25% of my income into savings! - August saw a savings of 10.1% thanks to two marathon registration fees, a useless doctor's visit, and a pair of new shoes for work.  I held off on purchasing hotels for three events and a hydration pack because I knew I was running close to bottom, but next month doesn't look much better.  Time to cinch the belt a little tighter!  I'm at 26.0% savings for the year. 

1.  How was your August?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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Ryan Hodgins said...

Sounds like a great month. Keep it up. I am a vegetarian and training for my first Ironman as well. I have my first Olympic Tri this month. I am excited to hear about some good recipes. It has been interesting trying to have a good nutritional habit because most stuff online is for people that eat meat.