Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Help Me Rename V-Day!

I wouldn't say that I'm against Valentine's Day.  I like the idea of sharing your love for other people.  I simply don't see the need to celebrate it on one specific day of the year.  But even as a single guy, I still get to have fun with the day.  "How?" you may ask...

One of my favorite past times for any holiday is renaming it.  So without further ado, here are my Valentine's Day favorites... (please add your own creative creations in the comments)

Happy 'Oh, right.  I'm Single.  Thanks!' Day

Happy Red-Green Color Blind Day

Happy Hopped-up-on-Sugar-and-Aphrodisiacs Day

Happy 'Please Sleep With Me' Day

Happy 'I got you roses.  Are you happy now?!' Day

Happy Running of The Bulls Day

Happy Shooting-Someone-With-An-Arrow-Is-Okay-Today-
As-Long-As-It-Has-A-Hear-Shaped-Arrowhead Day

Happy Conception Day

Happy November Due Dates Day

Happy Non-Anatomically Correct Heart Day

Happy Rejection Day

Happy Verification of Facebook Status Day

And my personal favorite...

Happy Singles Awareness Day
(Note: This becomes the acronym S.A.D.)


1.  What is your opinion on Valentine's Day?
Do you love it and celebrate every year?  Or do you let it go by?  I have nothing against people who celebrate; I just choose not to myself.

2.  What are you up to today?
I randomly got the day off, which totally throws my training schedule for a loop (notice my priorities!).  Today I'm going to bike-run-bike and hopefully finish reading Brisingr

3.  What's your favorite new name for V-Day?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


JC said...

Happy Contraception day is by far my favorite! haha.
I can take or leave v-day - however, i did get a card from my roommate "signed" by my cat though, just in case the day wasn't already making me feel like I'm not living up to social norms.

Coy Martinez said...

It seems like if I try to celebrate a holiday on THAT day, that it all goes wrong but that just regular days can be much better. My entire Valentines card was spent saying "thank you" for putting up with my sweat and training ways.