Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Deadlifts are Deadly

What do you think when you read the word deadlift?

Do you think of the free weight area of your gym?  The huge body builders that grunt and bang weights around all the time?  Do you have to google it 'cause you don't know what it is?  Does your mind go to a picture of something like this?...

Doesn't it look like the guy in the back is checking him out?  Creepy!

Well, I'm here today (and every day) to tell you two things.  First, deadlifts are an awesome workout.  I've started incorporating them into my strength training (aka. Crossfit workouts) and I love them.  They work a great mix of your lower body and core all at the same time.  And you don't have to do high weights.  On the contrary!  I'm sure a lot of the guys at the gym look at me and think "Wow, that's all you're deadlifting?," but I mix it up with rounds of burpees, pullups, situps, box jumps, squats, and lots of other things.  They can think what they want, but I doubt they could keep up with me.  =P

However, the second thing I need to tell you is...

Dead-lifts are Dead-ly
(...for your shins)

A deadlift - as I mentioned - works your lower body and core.  The upper body should be relaxed which means that the bar that you're lifting on a deadlift is supposed to drag right up against your shins.  Ouch!!! 

I've been told to pick up a pair of long socks or shin sleeves and I may very well have to do that because after last night's Crossfit workout, my shins are not too happy with the idea of doing deadlifts again.  Here's the workout...

5 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (95 lb)
10 Burpees
Timed - 4:29

This is a very quick workout.  Next time around, I'm going to cut it to 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 5 burpees, then follow it up with a 0.5 mile run, and repeat that two or three times. 


1.  What is your least and most favorite cross/strength/non-cardio training exercise?
Deadlifts are fun, but my shins get ripped apart.  Crossfit altogether is awesome all around though - maximum 20 minute workouts and I'm sweating more than a 10 mile run.

2.  How many times a week do you cross or strength train?
I try to fit in three days a week, four if I'm feeling good.

3.  It's Wednesday!  Who's making plans for the weekend already?
Does a workout count as a plan?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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Jill said...

A similar workout my long ago trainer had me do was a serious of deadlifts and burpees and a couple other things and then hop on the treadmill and run as hard as I could for the duration it took for me to do those weights. Great workout. Would kill me now. Hum...I think it something I need to incorporate again! Thanks!