Thursday, February 2, 2012

3TT: Mother Nature, Training, and The Monster are all Crazy!

The Weather
Now I know when you need something to make idle conversation, you go for weather, but let's be honest with ourselves - Is it mid-winter or is it mid-spring?!  Mother Nature has been a bit indecisive this winter season after having had a snow storm on Halloween, leaving us completely green through Christmas, and then lately we've been in the 40's if not 50's here in CT.  I went for a run yesterday without my windbreaker (just a long sleeve tech) and I could have easily gone with the sleeveless.

I've loved the weather simply because it makes training much easier.  However, I also fear what this is going to mean for spring and summer.  Is the current weather just delaying winter?  Are we going to have snow in May, or June?!  

Training Schedule
I know I said I was going to have it finished, but...  well...  it's not.  I thought I had it all worked out, but then I realized that I can't do my long bike ride on Friday of Week 1 because I have Sunday off specifically to go to the LBS ride which is the long ride.  So that means my long run has to be Friday instead of Sunday and that blows my "no more than two run days in a row" rule out of the water.  Ugh!

You have no idea what all that means, but in summary, this training schedule thing is tough!!  More to come on this front next week. 

The Monster is Moving Back In
On break yesterday, I ate my typical lunch.  It usually holds me over for awhile and then I'll have a snack again around 8pm and then munch when I get out at 10pm.  However, lunch only held me over for about 30 min.  It seems the monster that lives in my stomach is starting to move back in.  Since this morning was a harder workout (a 30 speed bike ride and a 2 mile run), I packed a few extra sandwiches today in hopes of satiating the hunger when necessary. 

So far I've been holding steady on weight, but I may very well starting seeing that drop a bit.   I do love eating though!  =D


1.  How has the weather been where you are?

2.  Do you have a set training schedule?  Did you write it yourself or use a pre-designed program?

3.  Do you notice a change in appetite during training?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Karen said...

I am pretty sure we won't get snow in GA in May but am more afraid that if it is 70 degrees in early February is it going to be hotter than hades in July?

I am with you on the training schedule. I keep making adjustments for this thing or that thing and now I feel like maybe it would be easier to just start all over! I can see why people pay for coaches now. Aside from the other benefits, just having someone to figure out your schedule would be heaven.

Jill said...

No joke about always talking about weather when there isn't much to talk about funny!

I always admire people who are strict with there training plan. I always have one to guide me when I'm training for something big, but customize it to what I need!

Why does food have to be so good...I love to eat!