Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Since when did I become a night owl?!

I woke up today at 11AM.


One hour before NOON!

This work schedule is killing me!  But more importantly, I woke up frantic about food for the day.  I have 1.5 hours to make and eat breakfast and then make lunch/dinner.  No wonder the cavemen didn't have jobs.  It took them all day just to find, prep, and cook their meals.  haha

I would have really loved to go the easy route and pop a pizza in the oven, make some quick peanut butter sandwiches, or throw together a bunch of snack food, but unfortunately I have one of those nagging consciences; it would bug me forever if I gave in.  Ugh!

If you have any ideas for quick, go to snacks or meals under the Paleo diet, I'm all ears!  Just remember, no oils, no dark chocolate, no processed foods of any kind, no seasonings, and I'm allowed to eat legumes.  I'm sure there are other stipulations, but those are the ones that have come up so far.

P.S.  My breakfast now has become 6 eggs and a fish fillet.  I'll be hungry again in 2 hours.  Ugh!!


1.  When you're rushed for time, what is your go to food?
I can't even count how many peanut butter sandwiches I would go through in a week when I'm rushed.  Probably 4-5 a day.  And that was just for snacking on between meals at work.

2.  Would waking up at 11AM bother you or would you revel in it?
The morning is my free time, so when I have to sleep later to make up for lost rest, it mentally starts my day off on the wrong foot.

3.  Anyone have big plans for I Hate Turkeys Day?
I will be going to spin class and then relaxing all day by myself.  I haven't had a day off in two weeks, so I'm boycotting this holiday in order to mentally check out!

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard.


Coy Martinez said...

Bag of baby carrots! You're better at this than I ever would be!

Waking up at 11 would make me feel like I had missed half that day and I would be panicked. If I slept in that long though it would probably mean that I needed it.

Erika said...

If a soft pretzel is available, that is my favorite snack. If not, any pretzel will do! Or Pop Chips these days.

I can not fathom waking up at 11 - I too would feel like the day was gone - but I also don't work your hours!

We are in Seattle so we're crashing a friend's gathering and watching football too!

Karen said...

Sleeping until 11 would be great (unless I had to work or had other plans for the day...). Six eggs and a fish fillet. How very random. Ha ha. I am guessing the Paleo thing would require a lot more planning in the beginning but maybe it will get easier as you get used to it. Toyed with the idea of trying it but haven't made the leap yet. How about bags of caroots, apple slices or maybe some almonds for go to snacks?