Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Massacre Day!

Over the years, we've altered the names of holidays to be politically correct, censored our holiday tidings not to offend those who do not partake, and we even acknowledge the holidays of others in order to be accommodating.  But that doesn't apply to Turkeys! 

Happy Turkey Massacre Day!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!!


1.  What are you thankful for?!
I am thankful for the self-restraint to take today off of my diet!  I would give anything for a full plate of Jim's bacon stuffing, corn with real butter, mashed potatoes drowning in gravy, and giant pumpkin and apple pies - a la mode of course! 

2.  What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
When I was younger, my family would have a large dinner at either my house or my grandmothers.  I would go to a friends in the morning to join the Turkey Bowl football game and then spend all afternoon and evening with my relatives.  This year, I've already done my thanksgiving with friends and family, so I am enjoying a much desired day of rest at home watching movies and relaxing.  And since there wasn't a Turkey Bowl here today, I opted for spin class. 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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runnergirl training said...

Great day today! Happy Thanksgiving! :)