Tuesday, November 8, 2011

100 @ 100 ...somewhat

100 Question @ 100 Followers!

...ok, not quite 100.  How about 10?

I only got 10 questions, so I'll give you the answers to those and maybe bring back the question idea later on.  Here goes nothing...

Question #1 from Richelle
What is your dream race?

This one is simple.  Kona.  The Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii is my ultimate goal right now.  I've got plenty of other races that I'd love to do like the Goofy challenge, Leadville, just about anything overseas, and the Tour de France, but Kona is my biggest dream goal.  As I've told people before, if I qualify for Kona, you'll get to see me running around like a maniac screaming with joy!  (so keep your eyes open for that!)

Question #2 from AJH
Of the three disciplines in a tri what are you best at? 

The swim is my forte!  I was a swimmer LONG before I picked up triathlons.  I was in the pool at six weeks old and swam competitively on three teams from 9 to 18 years old.  It's still not where it should be - I feel like I should be getting out of the water in the top 10 of my age group, but I guess that would require actual swim practices and not simply leaning on my swimming past to pull me through.

Question #3 from AJH
(Of the three disciplines in a tri) what do you like the most?

Given the above, you might expect "the swim," but you're wrong.  It's a toss up between the bike and the run.  I like the bike because it reminds me so much of when I was a kid, riding around town on my bike with my friends.  But the run is a lot of fun because it's where I really get to test myself.  How much is left in the tank?  How hard can I push myself?  And I really do like testing my limits.  Hopefully in the coming seasons I'll learn how to better push myself on the bike as well.  But for now, I might have to admit that I like the run the most.

Question #4 from AJH
If you could win a medal in the Olympics what would you want it to be in?

I think we can all agree the obvious answer would be Triathlon.  However, if we go pre-2004 (before triathlon was an olympic sport), I actually had thought quite a bit about going to the Olympics as a swimmer.  As I mentioned above, I was a serious competitive swimmer in middle/high school.  I was a breastroker and IMer, and in my freshman year I started really cutting down time.  From there on I dreamed of one day going to the Olympics in the 200 Breastroke either in 2004 or 2008.  Obviously I made neither.

Question #5 from Miguel
Best moment in a race?

Technically not a question, but I'll let it slide.  I have a few stellar moments in my races thus far, but my favorite might have to be just after crossing the finish line in my first Oly.  I had been chatting with a guy on the bike and then another guy on the run who I ran with for almost a third the course and after crossing the finish line, seeing all the other competitors in the post-race area, and those creating a finisher's chute, I knew I was hooked on the sport.  Knowing I was surrounded by so many athletic, healthy-living minded, fun-loving, and genuinely caring people, I literally didn't want to leave.  That might be the same reason why I signed up for another Oly for the very next weekend!  And if you don't count that because it was technically POST-race, then it would be coming out of T2 at Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island.  The first mile or so of the run is always exhilarating!  Plus it was my first 70.3.

Question #6 from Miguel
Worst moment at a race?

I've had a few.  The flat tire at Ironman 70.3 Worlds and finishing the bike solo was tough.  Stopping to walk on the run of both 70.3s this summer was a setback.  But my recent marathon will take the cake on this one.  My worst moment at a race was when I stopped to walk the first time in my marathon.  It was roughly 20.5 miles in.  I was playing games with my mind to try and tough out the last six miles, but my body just say "No way, I'm walking" and I knew I was toast.  I had gone out way too fast, already had knee problems, and had battled GI issues all morning.  I was still happy with my time overall, but having to walk was the culmination of my less than stellar training, the fact that I ignored my fast pace early on, and that I let my body dictate the run instead of my mental plan.

Question #7 from Just a Runner
What is your athletic goal(s) for 2011?

I guess I get to answer this one in hindsight.  First off, my goals were posted under the "Goals" tab at the top of the page.  While I accomplish them all, I did make a few - run my first marathon, compete in two 70.3 races, and run my 2nd half marathon (technically I'm allowing the 70.3 to count for that).  This year was focused more on firsts, so I wasn't shooting too hard for goal times either.  Next year that will switch gears a bit.

In 2012, I still want to run a separate half and full mary as well as another 70.3 (Quassy to be specific).  My only "first" race for next year will be the full iron distance tri.  So I'll be shooting for times on anything shorter than that.  After that, my main goal is simply to continue cutting time.  I want the opportunity to turn pro, but it depends on me.

Question #8 from Enthusiastic Runner
What is your day time job?

I am the Assistant Manager of a local gym in Connecticut.  In general, I help manage sales, general upkeep of the facility, do my best to keep the members happy, and most importantly help people reach their own fitness goals.  The last one isn't exactly written in the employee agreement, but it's generally understood.  I actually have members who come to me to ask for workouts or suggestions on how to reach their goals and I love it!

Question #9 from Gina
Funniest childhood moment?

Wow!  This one is tough.  I'm sure I'll step away from this post and then think something else was even funnier, but here's my best shot.  My grandmother used to take my sister and I on weekend trips to a local bird sanctuary.  They had a bunch of trails through the woods and we'd have a blast looking at the birds or playing games in the trees.  One day, my sister and I were running around in the woods when I saw a tree that had fallen down.  It had cracked maybe six feet from the base of the tree and was still propped up the base.  I thought it'd be a great idea to climb up on it.  My sister (as per normal at that age) followed me and we proceeded to jump up and down on the tree.  Just as my grandmother starts saying "Ok, I think that's enough.  Let's get down," I start hearing a *crack*.  Then the tree - then propped up on the remaining trunk - falls to the ground with us on it.  As you can guess, my grandmother nearly had a heart attack.  But my sister and I thought it was a lot of fun!  We proceeded immediately to the car and went home. 

Question #10 from Austin
Best thing to do when crossing the finish line?

Anything completely random that no one else has done.  As long as it draws attention to yourself (which is encouraged - YOU ran the race, not the spectators!), it's a GO!  My personal favorite finish line cross was at Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island.  Here's the video...

So there we go!


1.  What is YOUR dream race?
Will I be meeting any of you guys out at Kona?

2.  Any Olympic dreams out there?

3.  What's YOUR favorite thing to do when crossing the finish line?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Anonymous said...

Dream race would be Kona or Boston, but in reality I could never make Kona, I just don't have the natural talent needed. Boston, maybe when I'm 50!

Aimee said...

What a fun post!
I REALLY wish I was the best at swimming! Instead, it's the hardest part for me and the one I most dread!
Loved your finish line jump/air pump! If I'm not crawling across the finish line at IMAZ, I'll have to think of something fun to do! :)

ajh said...

I feel like I was a question hog. Thanks for answering them. Right now my dream race is simply a tri. I never never never thought this would be remotely possible for me but it IS going to happen next summer.

My favorite thing to do is after crossing a finishing line. I like to stand there and watch the younger runners come in after me.