Friday, September 24, 2010

No Need For Music

One thing that I've had on my mind lately is the fact that when I run, I always do so with music.  It's naturally helpful on the long runs to keep my mind occupied and at times distracted while I'm running.   I've been curious just how much the music really aids my running.  By that I mean, if I left the music at home, would I be more likely to lose motivation because my mind would have more capacity to focus on the actual running?  Would I end up over thinking things and ruin myself in a race?  I know music has been a big help in keeping me going in the first couple weeks when I battled the initial pain and fatigue, so with three upcoming races, I decided to do a 5k without music and see what happens.  Long story short, I finished in a decent time.

So while I admit that the scenic atmosphere of the MDC trails may have helped as a distraction now and again, I at least know that I don't need to rely on the music as a running aid, which is a relief with upcoming races. 

Today's Workout:

Distance:  3.4 miles (5.5k)
Time:  24:30 (7:12/mile)
Music of choice: None

I'm taking tomorrow off before my race.  I may go for an extended walk if I find the time (definitely some stretching), but no running or cross-training tomorrow.


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