Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Compromise

I psyched myself up today to run an hour.  That would put me at about a 10k or just beyond depending on how well I ran.  Unfortunately, I ended up eating lunch later than I wanted to and then as I should have expected, my blisters from yesterday were still a bit of a bother.  So as I jogged/walked up to my starting point, I gave myself an option.  I can give the hour long run a shot and just bear whatever happens along the way knowing that I'll have tomorrow off from running or I can push myself harder today on a shorter distance and opt out of the full hour.  My goal was a 5k in 20 minutes; a minute faster than I've done them since I started.

I've typically hit my turn around point (a bit further than half way) at about 12:15/12:30; today I hit it at 11:15.  The first half of the return trip was dodgy, but the last half felt great.  I ended up finishing on 20:00:65 - couldn't have timed it better if I tried.

I also found my left hip is becoming a bother.  There's a dull ache just behind the hip joint.  I'm not sure if it's an IT band issue or maybe the muscle (glute?) is the problem, but I need to look into how to stretch/flex that better.  A friend gave me a new stretch to add to my regime.  Since I'm taking tomorrow off from running (may still do some sort of cross training or workout of some kind), I'll make sure to stretch again tonight and multiple times tomorrow to try and really get that worked out; or at least to see if there's any improvement.

Tomorrow's my first day off.  Maybe I'll go to the gym and do a core/upper body workout.  We'll see.


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